Can XYO Make a Comeback to Its November Highs

The XYO network is one of the unique tokens on the crypto market, as its primary use is as a trustless transaction network of crypto-location components.

XYO crypto tokens are used on the XYO Network as a payment-upon-delivery service, while the network tracks the package every step of the way for customers and businesses.

While people haven’t made any March Madness predictions on how XYO will do on the crypto market this year, it might be a value token for people looking to get into the crypto market for 2022.

Since XYO’s November 2021 high of just over eight cents, the token has seen its value fall to just under two cents a token for March of this year.

However, the token is up from its March 2021 position, which is a massive plus for investors that got in early with XYO. But XYO has suffered from a crypto slump, much like other cryptos since November of last year, but can have something unique that will put them ahead of the pack in the future of cryptocurrencies.

XYO Network’s Partnership With FedEx Can Be A Gamechanger in the Future

During the beginning year of XYO, they were able to strike a partnership with FedEx at the end of 2018.

The deal brought the XYO Network and the FedEx Institute of Technology together to explore the benefits and opportunities that XYO’s blockchain location tech can have on the package tracking industry.

While this deal has been in place for over three years, the real benefits will be seen when the XYO Network is applied on a larger scale, something that has been in the works for the XYO Network.

Smart Cities and Smart Devices: The Vision for the XYO Network

While the primary goal of the XYO Network is to verify the coordinates of packages with FedEx, in their current application of the XYO Network with FedEx, there are bigger goals for XYO beyond just tracking packages worldwide.

XYO aims to run smart cities off their network, fostering financial transactions and deliveries throughout these smart cities.

Their goal is for customers to use their XYO token to place orders and use the XYO Network to track the orders, with the deliveries making it safely inside the customer’s house without worry.

XYO also wants to have its blockchain-powered tech inside smart cars and smartphones. XYO location tech could help with smart cars in the future, allowing driverless cars to reach their destination safely.

While many people have talked about an XYO partnership with Tesla, that deal has yet to be made. But if Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and a cryptocurrency enthusiast, were to make a deal with XYO and Tesla, the value of the XYO token could go “To the moon!” as followers of Musk would say.

Outliers Fund and XYO Partnership Could Help XYO in 2022

XYO and the Outliers Fund announced a co-investment on February 10th, 2022. Both sides invested $10 million each in equities and tokens to build around the ecosystem that XYO already has in place.

According to their website, the Outliers Fund is “A collective of joint research initiatives and funds with blockchain ecosystems.”

The partnership between XYO and the Outliers Funds is monumental as it shows that there is a need for the XYO Network and its vision for the future.

The partnership aims to bring more of XYO’s geospatial projects to life, which can help the future valuation of both the XYO Network and its token. The deal also includes a five-year deal between the two to co-author at least one research publication together.

Some focuses with this partnership can include fueling growth with companies already on the XYO Network and expanding the XYO ecosystem to include things like verifying identities for banks and custody of supply chains, which can be huge with the current state of the supply chain in America.

With a focus on both growth and expansion, XYO is signaling that they are looking to be a significant player in the future, especially in the future of smart cities and digital banking. As this partnership grows between XYO and the Outliers Fund, people can expect the XYO crypto token to grow as well.

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