What Should I Consider Before Buying a Brand New Bong?

12% of people in the US use cannabis. Are you among them? Then you probably already know all about the benefits of using a water pipe.

Yet, when it comes to shopping for a new bong, you may struggle to find the best piece with so many on the market. That’s why we’re bringing you this guide.

Do you need help shopping for a new piece? Then here are the top factors to consider before you buy.

How Will You Use It?

Do you want a bong for at-home use or are you looking for one that goes everywhere you do? The answer to this question is critical to helping you answer the rest of the questions on this list.

What’s Your Experience?

Are you a first-time bong buyer or is this your fiftieth new piece? You may not think the answer to this question matters. But your experience will determine which products are best for you.

Some bongs offer smoother hits than others. How smooth of a hit you can get depends on the add-ons you order with your pipe. But it also depends on what style of percolator you choose.

Showerhead, Tree, Swiss, and Propeller percolators are the most common on the market these days. Each one looks different and offers different effects.

But, in general, percolators pass the smoke through cool water to cool down the inhale. This makes hitting a water pipe with a percolator much smoother, safer, and cooler than pieces made without percolators.

What Size Do You Need? 

The pipe size you need depends on how you plan to use it.

Do you only plan to use it at home? Then you can get a small or a large bong.

In this case, the exact size you should get depends on where you plan to store your pipe. Make sure your piece is small enough to tuck away in a cabinet when nosy neighbors stop by.

Don’t care about putting your bong away after each use? Consider getting a hand-crafted, glass-blown water pipe. These unique pieces are works of art in their own right and will look beautiful displayed on your smoking table.

If you plan to use your piece on the go, you may want to consider a mini bong. These compact water pipes have all of the features of a regular piece in a convenient little package of six inches or less in size.

For example, a small beaker pipe offers a clean, powerful hit. But it’s also compact enough to hide easily when you need to be discreet.

What’s the Best Material?

Some bongs are more durable than others. And this all comes down to the material you choose. The majority of water pipes are made of glass, which can be thick or thin depending on the quality.

Before glass, though, the early stoner would’ve used a ceramic bong. We don’t recommend these pieces these days. You can get much higher-quality materials from modern water pipes on the market.

Need to travel with your piece? Then you should choose highly durable materials like silicone. A silicone bong will last through mid-drive spills and years of wear and tear without ever looking less than new.

A thick glass bong works well for almost any other circumstance. Just make sure you choose a good brand to ensure your glass water pipe is made of high-quality stuff. We’ll tell you how to do just that next.

Are You Getting It from a Good Brand?

When you know the right brands to look for, you can guarantee you’ll get a high-quality piece.

Want a piece that’s 100% made in the USA? HVY Glass produces its wide array of bongs in Los Angeles, California. This is your go-to brand if your idea of a good online head shop is one that provides the broadest selection.

Glowfly Glass is another top-notch brand. The best part is that Glowfly’s pieces are cost-effective, too. You can get some of the highest quality water pipes from this brand for a fraction of the cost.

For the stoners who are also art cultivators, there’s Chameleon Glass. Chameleon pieces are as unique as their namesake. You can buy everything from a bong that looks like a dragon to a simple beaker smoker when you go with this brand.

Another tip is to only go to glass shops you trust. High-quality head shops employ people who only stock the best brands. Everyone will want to know where you got your piece, and you can proudly exclaim “I got my water pipe here!”

What’s Your Budget?

Last but not least, you need to make a budget before you go shopping. Bongs can cost you from $5 to $500. You may not need to pay the top end of that spectrum for quality but you should never go under $60 for a good water pipe.

What’s the sweet spot? We recommend looking for a piece that costs around $150. At this price point, you can get a decent-sized bong with good percolation that’s made from high-quality materials.

Oh, and one other thing: don’t scrimp on shipping. The last thing you want to do is find your dream piece only for it to get broken in the mail.

This is yet another reason why you should always choose a head shop you can trust to ship your water pipe right the first time.

Ready to Buy Your First Bong?

A new bong is a big investment. Make sure you’re being smart with your money by referring to this guide next time you’re browsing in-store or online.

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