Trust Browser Enable: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Trust browser enable is one of the most powerful sets of words that you can add to your crypto arsenal.

So, Utilizing this would allow better usability and accessibility to your crypto wallet. Before you begin to dive in, it is necessary to fully grasp the requirement of Trust Wallet and eventually how to enable Trust Wallet chrome.

What is Trust DApp Browser?

To start off simply, Trust DApp Browser is a user-friendly software that enables the user to access decentralized apps (DApps) on a variety of platforms. Not only does this browser sets up an incredibly easy approach to achieve this form of connection, but it also secures the network through which the user must connect with DApps.

Trust DApp browser becomes extremely convenient as it is completely staged on Trust Wallet. In itself, it is very easy to enable the Trust Wallet Browser. Getting acquainted with these will simply allow you to use the Trust browser enable more efficiently.

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is easily the best digital wallet you can use to store your cryptocurrencies. This wallet also supports the storage, management, and receiving of the giants such as Etherium and Bitcoin.

It comes with attractive features like establishing highly secure access and supporting multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and it stages many DApps on it. It is quite versatile in its right as it can be accessed on chrome, iOS, Safari, and Android.

What exactly are DApps over Trust Wallet?

DApps translate to Decentralized Applications, which means that the control and functioning of these apps are not done by a single individual or a server; multiple numbers of individuals are behind the smooth execution in the DApp browser.

A similar type of methodology can be observed in the functioning of torrents where seeding, sharing, and feeding of data content is involved. DApp Browser eliminates the requirement of a broker for crypto-exchange that helps you save the extra charge and commissions related.

There is a very less number of DApps available currently, and to enable a trust wallet browser is to support the scenario with a trust browser enable or using DApp Browser.

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Establishing easy access to DApps browser using Trust Wallet!

  • Visit and download the installation file from the Trust Wallet Browser website.
  • Let the system install the software.
  • Create a 12-word backup phrase and save it for future requirements.
  • Following these steps allow you to access the Trust Wallet and DApp browser.

Trust Browser Enable Android: a step-by-step guide

Getting along with trust browser enable or enable DApps is quite simple once you begin to understand it. While working on an android device, you are to change the ‘Preference Settings’ for the Trust Wallet software.

Following these three steps helps you to enable the trust wallet browser on your android device:

  1. Open the Trust Wallet on an Android device:

After having the wallet installed, tap on it and set your account up properly.

This ensures a smooth trust browser enable function.

  1. Head to Settings in the software:

Once entered, head to the settings section of the software.

settings section of the software

Scroll down to find a ‘Preference’ section in settings.


  1. Find the DApp Browser option:

You will find a DApp Browser option and toggle it to enable it.

enable dapp browser trust wallet

Following these easy steps, you can now view the DApp Browser in the menu of the software. This simple procedure eliminates the requirement of following the trust browser enable method on Android devices.

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Trust Browser Enable iOS: a step-by-step guide

Unlike android, iOS devices require a bit more attention in order to enable the trust wallet browser effectively. Android devices have an inbuilt function to make things easier, whereas, in iOS, a few extra steps are involved. So you need to do the same manually.

Ensuring to follow these easy steps helps you get along with the procedure of Trust Browser Enable in an easy manner.

  1. Ensure using a safe browser:

On iOS, Safari is a preferable option to go along with, as it is very smooth. However, you can also use trust wallet chrome by using Chrome. Open up the browser

open up the browser

  1. Type “trust browser enable” URL:

In the search bar, you need to type the trust browser enable link trust://browser_enable

You can simply copy this URL and paste it into your safari search bar.

trust browser enable

  1. Proceed to enable the trust wallet browser:

Once you enter the trust browser enable URL, a message will pop up asking you to grant access to the Trust Browser and open it in your safari.

All you need to do is select the ‘Yes’ option.

It will quickly confirm everything and refresh the page to the Trust Wallet where you can easily access DApp Browser.

Pancake Swap Method

These steps will ensure a successful activation to enable the trust wallet browser. In case you look for an alternative, we have yet another method to help you out.

Pancake Swap is an app that is a decentralized build. Not only does it provide you with an inexpensive approach to the easy exchange of currency in your wallet, but it also makes it easy to apply.

  1. On an iOS device, either by using chrome or safari, access the website of the Pancake Swap app and ensure a complete installation of the same.
  2. After entering the app, you will see a ‘Connect’ option in the upper right-hand corner.


3. Click on ‘Connect’ and then among the list of other options, select WalletConnect


4. It will pop another list of other software, all you need to do is click on Trust Wallet.

trust wallet


5. Just click on Connect again in the next pop-up.

connect again

6. Restart the app and you will see that the DApp Browser is now enabled in your Pancake Swap.

You are now ready to deal with cryptocurrencies and everything that comes along with them on your iOS device.

Remember that on any device, or platform, Trust Wallet Chrome can be used which is equally convenient and user-friendly. Only the extension is not available right now. DApp Browser can be accessed using Chrome only over the iOS system.


For Pancake Swap, you will be able to see Trust Wallet right when you perform step 3. But, selecting Trust Wallet there would give you an error. Avoiding the error, followed by reinstalling the app, we suggest you follow our easy steps to save time and data.


This is the all-in-one article you need to know about the trust browser enable or DApp Browser enabling process. This helps you in accessing your wallet anywhere, at any time. You can now enhance the crypto experience as we have covered all the possible methods to tackle the problems. Tricky steps made easier, all set and done!

For basic queries regarding trust, browser enable, do check out our FAQ section where we answer some of the more basic questions which were not covered in this article.

FAQ on DApp Browser

What exactly is a Decentralized Exchange system?

The decentralized exchange system is a way to gain a sense of control over your funds in terms of cryptocurrency.

These systems make it easy for you to exchange, deal and manage digital currencies without the inclusion of a third party. This eliminates the possibility of commission or any such emerging extra charge.

Can the command line ‘Trust Browser Enable’ work on Android?

Not quite. The android device restricts Google Chrome access, unfortunately. It purely works on iOS. The easy access was removed from the system back in June 2021.

For android users, a simpler approach is available and that is enabling DApp Browser directly, without any further limitations.

What are the risks of losing the backup 12-phrase key?

You need to make sure that you save the phrase at all costs. This should be your immediate priority. If you happen to lose this 12-phrase key under any circumstances, your account will be locked permanently. The funds are locked.

Is Trust Wallet available for desktops?

Tablet and smartphone users can use Trust Wallet, primarily. Only mac users can now use it on their desktop due to the open sourcing. Windows OS cannot make this method work. Macs with an M1 chipset specifically can use it flexibly.

How do I protect/secure my Crypto Wallet?

The first and foremost procedure is never to install the Trust Wallet on a device that has been rooted. Doing so increases the chances of malware and trojans that can compromise your system.

This can also lead to losing your backup key. Secondly, you need to be aware of the phone’s security settings. Do not share the backup code with anyone or at any place.

Can you trust Trust Wallet?

Yes, the Trust Wallet, DApp Browser, and the overall mechanism of the trust browser enable can be fully trusted.

It incorporates a specific mechanism to deal with every possibility of potential theft, hacks, and breaches in security. This is free to use, compatible with every device, and is flexible to use, and also supports you 24/7 with its extremely helpful customer care service.

The staff will answer the tickets raised by the users as soon as possible. They prioritize the quality of service before anything.

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