4 of the Most Critical Things You Need for Your Home Garden

If you want to start a garden in your back or front yard, you’re in good company. Many people like starting a garden because it relaxes you being out there tending to your plants. However, you’re not going to get far until you have a few of the gardening essentials.

We’ll talk about some of them right now. You can find any of these at Home Depot or Lowe’s, or you can support a smaller local garden store if there are any in your area.


You might decide that you need some herbicide to keep weeds out of your garden. You can get them in spray bottles, but when you do, be very careful with them. Some herbicides are dangerous, like Paraquat, which has negative health effects.

If you elect to use an herbicide, make sure to wear a mask and gloves when you handle it. Also, if you’re using it, make sure that the wind isn’t blowing, or it can blow the herbicide onto your clothing. If that happens, make sure to wash those clothes immediately.

You can avoid using herbicide if you like since there are risks that go with it. However, if you do so, you’ll have to pull any weeds that grow around your flowers or the other plants you’re trying to cultivate.

Those weeds can grow very deep, and pulling them or digging them up takes much more effort than spraying herbicide on them. The choice is your own which method you prefer, but if you don’t deal with those weeds one way or another, they can easily overrun your garden.

A Shovel

You will definitely need a sturdy shovel if you’re going to get into gardening. A shovel from one of the top brands can last you for many years, provided that you take good care of it.

You can use your shovel to dig holes into which you can plant your flowers or bushes. You can use it to spread mulch around. That’s a critical first step if you’re going to plan out a flower bed or grow some herbs or vegetables you can eat or use in your cooking projects.

You will also probably need a smaller version for more delicate digging projects. You can use smaller hand shovels to transport your plants indoors if some of them need to come inside during the winter.

There are others you can leave outdoors that will essentially hibernate during the cold months. These are annuals, which will bloom again in the spring.


You will probably need mulch if you are planning out a flower bed. You can buy different mulch colors depending on your home’s color scheme. Ideally, you want your plants and mulch not to clash with your house.

You can buy mulch very cheaply, usually for only a couple of dollars for a large bag. You might need many bags of it every time you’re opening up a new gardening patch on your yard.

Spring is the time when Home Depot and Lowe’s usually stock it. You need to be quite strong if you’re going to lug those huge mulch bags around, though. If you’re not up to carrying those bags, you may hire someone or ask a neighbor to help you out.

After you’ve spread your mulch around, you can plant your flowers there or whatever else you’d like. Most people find that mulch has a pleasant scent that you should quickly learn to enjoy.

Gardening Shears

You should next get some gardening shears, which come in different sizes. There are the large ones you can use to prune thick tree branches that are threatening your garden, or there are smaller ones that you can utilize to shape your hedges and cut away flower imperfections.

The more you use your gardening shears, the more of an expert you shall become with them. You should remember to take them inside or store them in a shed when you finish with them, though. If you leave them in a rainstorm and they get wet, they can rust.

You should also try not to cut anything too thick with your gardening shears, or you will warp the blades. If you find that you’re trying to cut something too thick for either your small shears or large ones, you’ll likely need to use an electric or battery-powered saw instead.

Now, you have enough to start you on your exciting new gardening journey.

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