Pokemon Sword and Shield : How to Evolve Applin in the Game

Applin Pokemon is the new trend in the Pokemon Sword and Shield game. Players like to turn their Applin Pokemon into Appleton or Flappy.

If you’re a Pokemon lover and doesn’t know how to upgrade your Pokemon, then read this article and follow it.

What is Applin?

Applin is a dual-type Grass/Dragon Pokemon introduced in the 8th generation of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The Appleton is a Shield exclusive, but you can also use it as a sword and use it in competition with other players.

It looks like a turtle with an apple pie for a shell. Applin is the new evolution in the Pokemon Sword and Sheild.

Where do you Find Applin?

The Applin Pokemon is the most apparent globally, and they aren’t hard to find. You can get Pokemon in Route 5 surprise encounters or the Dusty Bowl, or you can find it in the Wild Area during sunny weather or giant storms. You can also get Applin while walking on the grass.

How to Evolve Applin into Flapple or Appleton in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Once you’ve got Applin, now you have to evolve it into Flapple or Appleton. The Applin will be evolving with Tart Apple or Sweet Apple.

To earn Tart Apple or Sweet Apple, you need to travel to the city of Hammerlock. Beat the third gym leader to get access to City Hammerlocke and earn the Fire Badge.

In Hammerlock city, follow the road around the left, past the clothing shop and get to the Pokemon Center.

While passing through the last drawbridge, you’ll meet a man with brown hair, wearing a red jacket.

You have to give your Applin, and after you watch the cut scene, the man will return you, Applin, with a present. It can be Sweet Apple or Tart Apple to evolve your Applin Pokemon.

To evolve it into Flappy, you have to give a Tart Apple and evolve it into Appleton; you have to give a Sweet Apple.

In Pokemon Sword, you will get a Tart Apple to evolve your Applin into Flapple, while in Pokemon Shield, you will get Sweet Apple to evolve your Applin Pokemon into Appleton.

Difference Between Flapple and Appleton in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

Appleton is a more defensive Pokemon and learn more grass-type moves. This Pokemon also learn to recover, which means it can heal itself and play for the long-term.

Flappy is an aggressive Pokemon; it is also a dual-grass type Pokemon and learns more dragon moves such as Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse. It also learns grass-type moves such as Grav Apple.


Well, it is your choice whether you want to evolve Pokemon Applin into which form and how to use it against the opponent to win the game.

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