Benefits and Risks with LASIK Surgery

Are you suffering from dry eyes, starbursts, halos, and glare? If yes, then these are some probable side effects of undergoing LASIK surgery.

Some people might have severe complications in a long term such as loss of vision, severe pain, infections in the eyes, and a detached retina. Many patients do not know about it until very late and they wish not to undergo the procedure.

About LASIK surgery

LASIK surgery is among the popular surgeries that have a satisfaction rating among patients who already performed it. But unlike other surgeries, LASIK has its own risks. Some patients suffer from risky complications that might not go away such as – damage to the cornea, dry eyes, and starbursts.

The demand for LASIK is quite obvious. If you get a suitable chance to ditch your eyeglasses or the daily routine of wearing contact lenses, then this is a great solution for your case.

There aren’t any rules of the FDA about the information that patients should be told or disclosed during the consultation. If you need to undergo LASIK surgery, then you should do in-depth research related to the risks associated with it. Also, you need to and have a thorough consultation with your eye surgeon before laser eye surgery.

LASIK is believed to be the most effective and safest treatment that had been there in ophthalmology. There is hardly any kind of complications with LASIK eye surgery but yet it might not be a suitable option for everyone.

Few more things about LASIK surgery

When you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses, you might consider performing eye surgery for improving your vision. In the case of the LASIK method, you need to use a laser to reshape the cornea and improve how your eye focuses the light rays onto your retina.

Read on to know a few things about LASIK surgery

  • LASIK is a delicate part of your eyes that cannot be reversed.
  • Unlike any form of surgery, there are certain risks as well as probable complications with it.
  • Innumerable people already have had LASIK and many of them have done it successfully.
  • LASIK might not be able to provide you with the perfect vision.
  • With LASIK, you will probably require reading glasses during the mid-40s. LASIK surgery won’t be able to correct or avoid presbyopia which is an age-related loss for viewing near objects.
  • If you see near things and do not require reading glasses, then LASIK means you will need eyeglasses earlier than if you had not performed the surgery.
  • The benefits of LASIK procedure might lessen over time. This is more common for people who were more farsighted, nearsighted or had higher astigmatism before undergoing LASIK.

Benefits of performing LASIK surgery

  • Better convenience – Most patients can reduce their dependency on wearing glasses and lens after performing laser eye surgery in UK.
  • Comfortable procedure – LASIK surgery requires just a few minutes for each eye by putting numbing eye drops to make it successful.
  • Quick recovery – Most people can achieve improved vision within one day and drive in the first week itself.
  • Ensure long-term results – Most people can enjoy a permanent improvement in their eyesight.

Can you undergo LASIK surgery above 40 years?

If your eyes remain healthy, you can perform LASIK surgery beyond 40 years. This will allow you to correct the problems of farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism just like it can for young people. In case you are suffering from presbyopia, you will have to wear your reading glasses for completing the important tasks.

Another possible option is to get a complicated vision of LASIK particularly done for presbyopia. Rather than correcting your vision problems, pres by LASIK method can reshape your cornea for near as well as far vision. But the improvements for your near vision won’t last for a long time through standard LASIK. Though the changes for your cornea seem to be permanent, presbyopia will progress further.

People who are in their 50s, 60s or more than that should consider LASIK to be an effective way for improving their eyesight. There are certain cases when the problems can get worse such as dry eyes and glaucoma. Also, it may make cataract surgery very difficult and so, you need to tell your eye surgeon if you have greater risks for glaucoma or want to undergo cataract surgery in the future.

Risks with LASIK surgery

  • Irreversible damage to your eyes and blindness – There can be some errors at the time of performing the surgery such as malfunctioning of laser or inflammation. This can lead to irreversible damage to your eyes like complete blindness. Such problems can be solved by performing further treatments or surgeries.
  • Loss of vision – You might not get clear vision even after performing the surgery. Also, wearing lenses or glasses will not solve your ultimate purpose in some cases. These are the situations when you will have to put on your glasses or lenses just like before undergoing the surgery.
  • Severe problems in night vision – You might suffer from severe visual problems such as double vision or glare that might affect your vision at night.
  • Decrease in sharpness or sensitivity – Some objects might become greyish after you undergo eye surgery. Even after your improved vision, you might not be able to see properly in fog or at night.
  • Severe condition of dry eyes – After the eye surgery, the eyes might not produce sufficient tears for keeping them comfortable and moist. Dry eyes can lead to extreme discomfort but may lessen visual quality due to blurring and other possible symptoms. You may need to use plugs or intensive drug treatment for it.

So, if you are suffering from the problem of blurred or indistinct vision, then it is already time that you contact your surgeon and undergo eye surgery to correct your eyesight.

Thus, you may consult with UK’s best laser eye surgeons Dr. Amir Mani and improve your vision problems.

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