Home Business Is it safe to use TeamViewer? What are its alternatives?

Is it safe to use TeamViewer? What are its alternatives?

TeamViewer and its alternatives

Teamviewer is a quick and reliable tool created to help out IT experts to provide services remotely to clients, fixing networks and monitoring the systems from a remote position.

Teamviewer can be operated for monitoring like windows, Mac and Linux to detect errors.

It helps team member to stay connected from various location via online meetings and it has a user-friendly interface with powerful access features.

But even though having powerful tools like ticket assignment and unattended access notification it still has some disadvantages too in terms of security and cost.

There are other options available too in the market with more features, better image quality and stable software.

But again before jumping into other products first we will discuss the TeamViewer why it is still the preference by many and the pros and cons of this product.

Advantages Of Using Teamviewer

Teamviewer can be accessed and download easily from the website. Teamviewer is free of cost for non-commercial use for example video calls and in this Global Pandemic, this tool is so useful as it helps stay connected with your long-distance family or friends.

Moreover, TeamViewer can be used by companies for monitoring b2b trade leads. This allows marketers to connect with each other and earn more potential buyers which in turn increases the sales and provide other services to the corporates. This is something that is benefitting several companies in every part of the world.

Using TeamViewer easy communication can be done for remote teams with chat, video calls and other voice features like sending voice notes.

It helps team leaders and members to connect all together for online sessions of up to 30 members at once. With this software, professionals can access important data easily anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, from a business point of view TeamViewer allows you remote printing and gives you an alert wake on LAN without any specific configuration.

It helps you share the screen with, applications and even also the entire desktop with you. It also provides you drop and drag feature to send files from one device to another instantly.

Disadvantages Of Using Teamviewer

The sad news is Teamviewer is not free for commercial use. To use this software you will be requiring a license means you have to fill the requirements which are time-consuming.

After this, you cannot share a large number of files which is a major drawback for business purpose and time-consuming.

And moreover, you cannot access the other systems until and unless their system have also Teamviewer. And even they have the TeamViewer you cannot still access the system until they are online.

The Other Alternatives Of Teamviewer

Although looking at both the advantages and disadvantages of Teamviewer the features of this software still outweigh the advantages but still, you cannot rely only on one software and the individual and corporate seekers still want more reliability in terms of sharing, reliable software in terms of security and more advanced features.

There a lot of programs similar to Teamviewer or you can say more advanced tools and high security compared to Teamviewer.

I will discuss some of them with you such as Dameware Remote Everywhere, Chrome Remote Desktop etc.

1. Dameware Remote Everywhere:

This software is a powerful cloud-based solution offering you remote operations with easy to use and more quickly. It can help businesses and other individual professionals to access more fast attended and unattended to remote devices.

This software supports remotes devices which contains various operating system like Linux, Mac and Windows.

With this tool it allows the host to add users on their servers and can be used for remote online meeting, can take screenshots of shared devices remotely. It also allows you to record and observe sessions in real-time.

Moreover, it also allows you to adjust quality and sessions as per the client requirement for low to high bandwidth. And you also handle multiple devices at the same time on Mac, Windows and Linux and as well as Android platforms.

With this software, you can establish a quick connection with the users remotely and keep their data more secure with its advanced encryption and multi-level permission and two authentication factor.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome remote desktop software is free to access and quite popular for remote access software. It’s easy to install and provide a smooth connection between the remote devices.

However, to use this software at its best user must need a Google Chrome extension. This application can quickly run on devices and browsers on which the search engine runs.

The Chrome Remote Desktop requires special permission to run and access remote devices. This software host automatically gets downloaded for data sharing needs.

Although this software doesn’t have call, video features. But it is for only data uploading and receiving files remotely.


TeamViewer is the best solution to connect with anyone from remote areas. Even if you want to perform a little task on someone’s desktop or laptop but can’t reach out to that individual in-person, then this is the tool for you.

I hope you now know why you need to have this tool in your life. So, get the most out of it and eliminate every barrier from your life.