Important Factors to Consider While Buying the First Ever Drone

Drones have been around for quite a long time now with their implementation in various industries. From food delivery to photography, they are being used by professionals to increase quality and reduce efforts. You can still use it for a fun time navigating it through the neighborhood.

Buying a drone is easier than ever, courtesy of online marketplaces and easy access to technology. However, you must keep an eye on different factors to make sure you are buying the right product. We have mentioned those factors in the article below to help first-time buyers. 

Field to Fly

It would be best if you had a place in mind to fly your drone safely. The neighborhood and nearby places play a critical role while flying a drone. You cannot use it near the airport, government facilities, and some parks.

Even in the neighborhood, you must have permission from the resident’s authority to fly it. For some people, the camera in the drone is an intrusion into their privacy. They may feel uncomfortable with someone watching and recording them from above. 

Drone Registration

Drone pilots need to register their device if it weighs more than 250 grams. Certain government guidelines need to be followed while flying it. Even the pilot needs to pay £9 every year for registration as an operator. 

The minimum age required for a drone operator is 18 years. At the same time, a flyer id is obtained at the age of 13 with no registration fee. Without registration, the Civil Aviation Authority can make the operator pay a £1,000 fine.


Your budget is critical when deciding the model and specific specs of a drone. Set a budget and priorities the specification you want to target. A simple drone for entertainment and casual photography can cost a few hundred pounds.

Professional photographers might have to spend a 4-digit number for stability and image quality. You can apply for unsecured personal loans to pay for the expensive drone. However, make sure returns are enough to cover the monthly installments. 


The not-so-tech-savvy audience is often unaware of the terms used to describe different types of drones. These are the most popular type of drones you will find in the market

First Person Video or FPV 

These drones are designed for photographers as they capture images and send them to a remote device. 

Blind to Fly or BNF

These pre-assembled drones come without inbox controllers. You have to either purchase them separately or control them through some mobile application.

Almost Ready to Fly or ARF

ARF drones come with everything except receivers, transmitters, speed and flight controllers, motors, and batteries. You need to buy some of these parts separately to fly the drone. They are an ideal solution when you want to configure the drone on your own.

Ready to Fly or RTF

Recharge the batteries, add the propeller, and these drones are ready to fly. They come with every accessory inside the box. 

Flight Time

The battery backup or flight time for each drone varies based on its price. Therefore, you need to make sure the flight time will somehow fulfill your purpose. In general, you will get 30 minutes of flight time with almost every drone.

To save money, you can manage the flight time of the drone. The price change for every added minute can be significant. Therefore, make sure you have some planning to make the most of the limited time. 


Stability is a critical factor that determines the image quality for remote capturing. Even the slightest instability can ruin the pictures and videos, which can turn out to be a deal-breaker for professional photographers. 

Check the stability of a drone while making a purchase. Look for models that come with gimbals to increase stability. Stability is equally essential as camera quality as it will help capture clear and crisp images.

Weather Conditions 

The neighborhood with heavy wind requires some rugged models of drones. You will find many budget drones that can stand wind speeds up to 20mph. Moisture and rain are also essential factors.

Make sure the drone is waterproof if the rains are frequent in your neighborhood. The ideal time to fly a drone is under a clear sky with minimal or no wind. 

Image Quality

For photographers, there is nothing more important than image quality. You are making the entire purchase to capture some great shots. And there is no sense in buying a drone with a mediocre camera to fulfill the purpose. 

However, a high-end camera can cost you some serious money. You can still take some online loans to invest in the drone. The results will be worth the money if you have the right location and skills.

Some Etiquette

Drones are equipment that requires a license to fly and etiquette not to offend people. As mentioned above, it can be a severe threat to privacy. It is recommended you fly it at a location far from the public. 

Use it for fun or professional photography; make sure the act is not malicious of any kind. Also, do not lend it to your friends without knowing for sure their intention of use. 

To Conclude

In the end, these points are enough to make a smart purchase for the first drone. Do a little research online to get the best deal on price. Flying a drone comes with legal regulations; therefore, make sure you respect the state law.

Yashik Patel
Yashik Patel is a Google Certified, Digital Marketing and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years experience in SEO, SEM and ORM (Online Reputation Management) field.

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