How to Increase and Retain Online Traffic on your Marketplace?

The ecommerce industry is growing steadily and we can see many new multi-vendor marketplace platforms are emerging into the market.

We need to monitor what our competitors are doing and need to track their strategies. To survive in the market we need to gain more traffic for our multi-vendor marketplace website.

For this, you need to drag the attention of the audience to your multi-vendor marketplace platform. Only then you can get high traffic.

In this article, we will find solutions for increasing and retaining online traffic for our multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Have an excellent SEO for your multi-vendor marketplace website

Today every entrepreneur knows that SEO is the backbone of any multi-vendor marketplace platform. People when they search the net to get details about any product, they will visit the site that is listed at the top of the page.

They trust that those sites are reliable and will visit the site and will buy the product. The sites that are not listed at the top of the page will lose the chance of getting visitors to their page.

So you need to have an excellent SEO for your multi-vendor marketplace platform that will help you to get more traffic and in turn, you will get more returns.

Run effective Google Ads for your multi-vendor marketplace software

Running Google Ads will always make your stay at the top of the search pages. When people search for a product, your page will be displayed on top and people may want to compare the prices with every multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Finally, they may select the one that is more economical. This will also gain you high traffic to your website. When there is an increase in website traffic, then you can expect some good sales in your multi vendor marketplace platform.

Choose your social media channel that suits your multi-vendor marketplace platform

The best way to attract buyers to your multi-vendor marketplace software is to focus on the social media channel that engages a huge number of audiences. Many social media platforms are available and all platforms don’t hold the same type of audience.

Each channel will have its set of users. For eg. Linkedin will have only professional people as its users, Instagram and Twitter will have youngsters and celebrities, Facebook will have youngsters, middle and old age people especially women.

So check which platform has your target audience and focus on that particular social media platform alone and gain traffic to your multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Let your multi-vendor marketplace platform be promoted through Email marketing

Email marketing is the most popular marketing strategy that is being used to promote any multi-vendor marketplace platform. You can gain customers’ trust and can increase the credibility of your multi-vendor marketplace website through effective email marketing.

Today everyone has the latest smartphones with us and we will definitely synchronize our emails on our mobile phones. Whenever we receive an email we will be notified and there are a lot of chances of checking the email frequently.

This can attract the target audience and can make them visit our multi-vendor marketplace website. So it is good to have a proper email marketing strategy to promote our marketplace software.

Concentrate on referral marketing for your multi-vendor marketplace platform

Around 81% of the audience visits an ecommerce platform because of the reference they get from their friends or relatives. They trust their friends’ or relatives’ words and they want to give a try.

The customer you gain through word-of-mouth will stay longer with you than your other customers. You can simply add review and recommendations in your multi-vendor marketplace platform that will facilitate the user to share his opinion and can review your product.

When a new visitor checks any positive review about your marketplace software then definitely he will visit your website and if impressed with your quality and pricing then you can expect a sale there.

Deliver effective Content marketing strategy for uplifting your multi-vendor marketplace platform

Content is the king for any multi-vendor marketplace platform. We cannot deny this fact as it has the power to attract the audience to the marketplace platform and can even make them buy the product. Especially for products, you need to provide detailed content on the product description.

Your content should make the visitor decide on buying the product. Content can keep your customers engaged and can get you good results. Explain your brand and its quality in a simple language so that even a common man can understand the product.

Never make it complicated for visitors to understand. Your content marketing strategy needs to be monitored frequently and analyze the result and change the content accordingly.

Decrease your multi-vendor marketplace website’s abandonment ratio

The main issue that any multi-vendor marketplace platform faces today is the increase in abandonment rate. People visit the site and leave immediately without staying in the site.

This needs to be focused and effective measures should be taken to improve the user-interface. First, you need to increase the speed of your marketplace platform. If it takes a long time to load the page then the visitor will immediately abandon the site. So you need to focus on the site loading time.

The next priority is on the UI and UX design. Make sure your design is quite responsive as well as attractive. Keep in mind that most users are mobile users and they will visit your multi-vendor marketplace platform through their mobile phones.

So by default, you need to provide a mobile responsive design and your interface should be user-friendly. Else you will lose your audience who enters your website.


If you strictly follow all the above-mentioned points in your multi vendor marketplace software then definitely you can gain good traffic for your website. After getting the traffic you need to have some unique marketing strategies that can convert the traffic into potential leads.

Finally, try to convert the leads into sales through your product quality and with the help of your strong marketing team. This is how you can maximize your ROI with your multi-vendor marketplace platform

Yashik Patel
Yashik Patel is a Google Certified, Digital Marketing and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years experience in SEO, SEM and ORM (Online Reputation Management) field.

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