What to look for in Expensive Housing Communities?

When comparing housing communities, most of us assign great value to style and architecture.

However, a desirable residential area is much more than a group of lovely homes. The goal of any neighborhood is to foster community and provide access to nature, quality venues, and a place of belonging.

As we already know, neighborhood amenities can be a great source of well-being. People who use them benefit significantly in contentment, improved health, and increased trust toward their neighbors. With that in mind, we can explore more expensive residential hubs and determine what makes them particularly desirable.

Below are some vital features you’ll find in higher-end neighborhoods. 

Parks and Green Spaces

When buyers compare new homes, they get easily preoccupied with what’s inside. However, it is equally important to consider the neighborhood and the nearby perks.

The first thing that luxurious communities enjoy in abundance is access to nature, including beautiful views. While most more expensive properties have acreage or half-acre lots, residents still prefer serene, idyllic surroundings.

Picnic areas are excellent for outdoor fun and socialization. Because of that, most neighborhoods with expensive homes have large parks with green spaces, and many enjoy beautiful mountain views. If you’re looking at communities with costly homes, look for parks with walking trails inside the neighborhood or nearby- golf courses are a good example.

Paved Trail Systems for Walking and Biking

There is nothing better than leaving your front door and having access to a well-maintained sidewalk meandering through a park. These amenities are often the number one priority for homebuyers. Homebuilders looking to sell homes in more expensive communities often make quiet walking and biking trails a top feature. 

While popular culture insists on strenuous exercises, the secret to health is much simpler. Long walks and jogging rank high when it comes to improving health. A refreshing walk with the family or a partner is a great way to end the day. 

Proximity to Schools, Dining, and Shopping

Families with young children put education at the top of their priorities. For this reason, higher-end neighborhoods are often near quality schools and a long list of commercial conveniences. 

Look at the top communities in an area, and you’ll discover many are in a great location near good schools and numerous shopping and dining venues. 

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor activities during the summer can be delightful. There is no better way to unwind than activating our senses and engaging in physical exercise.

One study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health concluded that swimming pools contribute to increased physical activity and facilitation of social contact. Moreover, outdoor pools represent an excellent opportunity for young children to engage with peers in a supervised environment.

Many of the best communities offer private community pools for residents and their guests, making it easy to entertain friends or enjoy family fun and exercise. 

Clubhouse with Perks

Clubhouses foster community and offer a relaxing environment where residents can socialize, explore their hobbies, and unwind during the evening. In many cases, a community clubhouse can serve as a banquet or event facility where neighbors can share important moments and celebrate.

Overall, the clubhouse can be a familiar getaway from the sameness of your home and a convenient place to go out with your spouse, family, and neighbors. When looking at more costly homes, homebuyers expect to see a country club or community clubhouse.

Proximity to a Lake or Nature Preserve

Weekends provide a regular opportunity to spend time with your close ones. However, it takes much energy to plan a meaningful activity. It is even more challenging for people who live far away from recreational areas.

When people live in the suburbs, enjoying downtown areas may take too much effort. Because of this, you’ll find amenity-rich communities near nature preserves and lakes. Proximity to lakes and preserves almost guarantees that your weekends will be full of fun, laughter, and relaxation.

Other Important Amenities

Expensive communities invest in security and are very likely to have gated entries. These installments can dissuade most criminals from approaching the area, making residents feel much safer.

Other than that, luxury neighborhoods often include fitness centers, nearby golf courses, and various amenities. In addition to parks, clubhouses, and green areas, you’ll find communities with sports courts, picnic areas, golf courses, and dog parks.

In conclusion, top-notch communities often offer an opportunity to remain active, go out in nature, and socialize with neighbors. They are full of amenities and offer residents added security by adding a gate around the community; sometimes, the entrance is guarded or accessible with a code.

Amenities are often as attractive as homes. It is all about enjoying life, being healthy, and spending time with your family and friends. Expensive residential areas invest heavily in these features, attracting buyers looking for more privacy, security, and convenience.

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