Top 10 Healthy and Delicious Exotic Meats You Can Eat Today

I am sure that you are already tired of eating poultry, beef, and pork rotationally. There are some delicious meats that you are yet to eat. How about showing you delicious meats that coddle your tastebuds?

Even if you are not bored of eating pork and poultry, you can try out other types of delicious exotic meats. Not all meats are suitable for consumption, some appear appetizing and tasty, but they might pose health risks for you especially if they contain excessive fat and oil.

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Top 10 Healthy Exotic Meats You Can Tryout Today

If you are looking for some tasty meats to try out, here is a list of healthy and delicious exotic meats to eat.

Goat Meat             

Goat meat is one of the best nutritious meats to eat and it has very low calories as compared to beef and poultry.

Truth be told, goat meat is healthier than beef and poultry. Goat meat is one of the highly consumed in Africa, where they use it to make tasty soup and meals.

There is no other best way to enjoy goat meat than cooking it slowly. If you have a BBQ machine, you can grill the meat to your taste.

Grilling goat meat is an excellent option because it helps unveils the rich nutrients and allows you to enjoy the spicy flavor.

Alligator and Crocodile

I bet you have not tasted alligator and crocodile meat. Actually, crocodile and alligator meat is consumable, it is very high in protein and it contains low levels of fats and calories.

This meat is quite similar in texture to chicken meat and pork, and exceptionally, it is tender and juicy. The tail is the sweetest, its taste is quite similar to that of a young calf.

Next time you find alligator meat, make sure you get a taste of the tail. A lot of people love eating deep-fried meat, however, it is recommended not to eat the crocodile/alligator meat deep fried because this will remove all the nutrients.

Wild Boar

A tasty alternative to pork is the flesh of a wild boar; wild boar has a better taste than pork. Most importantly, the meat contains lower saturated fat content and cholesterol.

Indeed, it is a slice of delicious healthy meat you should try out. Usually, the meat is red in color and the wild boar meat has a sweet, crispy taste.


Bison are wild ox, they are called “Buffalos”. Bison meat has become common in the markets today, it is available in stores and supermarkets in frozen form. It is a better alternative to beef, it is leaner and it contains fewer saturated fat and calories than regular beef meat.

It can be substituted for beef in dishes such as burgers and soups due to the similar taste and texture. Moreover, it makes good steaks and roast and it has better nutrition.

Elk Meat

Elk meat is very rich in Vitamin B and it contains minerals including iron and zinc. In terms of texture, it appears similar to that of the deer, it has a mild flavor that leaves a taste of sweetness in your tastebuds.

Cooking elk meat is like preparing a steak, try cooking elk next time you find the meat in the market.


The largest bird on land, Ostrich has one of the healthiest and most nutritious exotic meats. It contains little saturated fats, cholesterols, and calories.

The ostrich meat doesn’t taste like poultry (turkey, Quail, and chicken), rather, it has a unique taste. The meat is darkish red and rich in Vitamin B, which helps maintain healthy body metabolism.

Venison Meat

Venison meat is leaner meat to try out, similar to beef, it has a very strong taste and texture. Also, this meat has fewer amounts of fats, cholesterols, and calories. It also contains a lot of proteins and minerals as compared to beef meat.

If you are yet to cook venison meat, you should know that the meat has a tough texture, so it is very difficult to cook.


You can cook quail the way you like but generally, the way to cook it is by roasting. You roast the meat just the way you roast chicken wings and turkey, however, the taste isn’t close to that of other poultry birds.

Roasting quail allows you only to taste but to enjoy its high proteinous content and minerals.


If you are not vegan, you should consider eating rabbit meat. Rabbit meat is extremely popular due to its rich and nutritious content. Moreover, eating this meat comes with lots of health benefits.

It has been proven that rabbit meat is rich in protein and provides high nutritional value to the human body compared to beef, veal, and chicken.

One of the few reasons why rabbit meat is a healthy exotic meat to consume is that it contains iron and minerals such as potassium and phosphorus.


Rattlesnakes and Python meat is a delicious exotic meal that is consumed in some parts of the world, especially in mid-western and African countries.

It contains low levels of calories and fats and it has high levels of protein; this makes it a lump of healthy meat to consume.

Cooking python is not what you may think. Python meat must be properly cooked (if you must enjoy it) unless you will end up chewing hard textured meat.

Frequently Asked Questions On Exotic Meats

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on cooking and consuming exotic meats.

What are the Benefits of Eating Exotic Meats?

The major benefit is that exotic meats have a unique taste. Apart from the taste, they contain lots of rich nutrients such as protein. Also, they contain lower amounts of calories, fats, and cholesterols.

These meats provide your body with essential minerals such as amino acids and Omega 3 fatty acids.  These wild game meats contain more minerals and vitamins, especially iron and zinc.

Research has revealed that exotic meats can enhance your cardiovascular organ and improve your health condition. It provides your body system with enough antioxidants that help to prevent oxidative stress.

Can Exotic Meats Be Cooked The Way Regular Meats are Cooked?

In fact, you need to be aware of some rules when cooking exotic meats – that is, if you want to get the best taste and flavor out of it.

Most exotic meats (especially the red ones) can be cooked the way chicken and turkey are cooked. Depending on your choice and preference, you have the option to slow-cook, sear, grill, or roast the meat.

However, keep it in mind that exotic meats should not be overcooked or else, it can lose its taste and flavor.

Is There Any Exotic Meat That Isn’t Suitable For Consumption?

For health reasons, you are advised to put on protective gloves at all times when cooking and preparing exotic meats.

The reason is that it prevents the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. You can eat different kinds of exotic meats as far as such meat is free from contamination.

Where Can I Get Exotic Meats To Cook At Home?

Typically, you can find the most exotic meats while traveling. If you are a traveler, you must have seen these meats in some dishes in one of your vacation or holiday trips.

You don’t have to buy the cooked meats to eat, you can get the exotic meats and cook them the way you want in your kitchen.

Exotic meats are very popular and a large number of companies sell them. Premium quality exotic meat can be bought in restaurants and markets.

The majority of them can be found in stores and cafeterias near you. You can use your smartphone to place an order and get these delicious exotic meats delivered to your doorstep.

Are Exotic Meats More Expensive Than Veal, Pork, Regular Beef, and Chicken?

Actually, these meats are expensive than the regular beef and chicken you consume. The reason for the high price of exotic meats is due to its nutritious content and lack of domestication.

Therefore, buying exotic meats is not a total waste of money because you are bound to enjoy the health benefits offered by these meats.

Besides, if you like these meats, you do not have to spend a lot of money eating them at hotels, cafeterias, and restaurants, you can purchase them and cook them at home.

Bottom Line

Exotic meats such as rabbit meat and venison meat have grown popular in restaurants and other public eateries.

People are aware of the health benefits of these meats and they are willing to try them out. And as such, we can say that exotic meats are gradually taking over the global meat industry.

By eating these meats, you do not only do yourself a favor medically, but you also contribute your own quota to better the environment.

At this point, we would draw the curtain on our article on the best healthy and delicious exotic meats to eat.


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