11 Ways to Give Your Kitchen A New Look

When it comes to interior designing a house, the kitchen area comes under the most neglected domain. Although the kitchen is amongst the most used areas in the home, the designing process is not carefully thought through and is often ignored.

This is the very reason that kitchens tend to get cluttered, messy, and extremely hard to manage. Not if the appropriately designed kitchen is designed to be a space-saving area. Well-organized and decorated kitchens add an excellent zeal for modernity and neatness to the house.

Old school kitchens tend to produce a lot of heat, smoke, and fumes, making it extremely hard to work for longer hours. Moreover, there is less storage space adding to the clutter and mess. Hence, it is vital to renovate the kitchen as it dramatically improves functionality.

Today, many modern and stylish kitchen designs are floating all over the Internet on apps like Pinterest and Instagram. However, the drill here is to create a design that looks appealing to the eyes and is efficient for space-saving, multitasking, and kitchen management.

It is not always necessary to start from scratch; you can always give your old-school kitchen a modern makeover. Wondering how to start? Well, we’ve come up with some nifty tricks and tips to give your kitchen a cool new look.

Let’s get started; get your pen and paper out and make the most of this blog!

1. Plan Your Budget

The first step towards giving a whole makeover to any place is to know the budget and allocate it accordingly for different areas. The budget should not be too tight that you end up not achieving the desired look.

Secondly, it is vital to list down the kitchen makeover goals and list of priorities. This way, it gets easier to allocate funds for different sections and work required in the kitchen. You will be able to give your kitchen a new look in an organized manner.

Lastly, know your priorities and then allocate funds for the work. Don’t give much importance to things that only add to the kitchen’s feel and look. Invest more in things that serve great functional and space-saving purposes.

While you get started with redoing the kitchen area, keep writing down the cost inquired in each step. So, when you reflect back at the end, you will be able to conclude what cost more and what saved you a penny.

2. Install Designated Cabinets & Drawers

Cabinets and drawers are an essential part of the kitchen. Enough number of huge cabinets and drawers saves the kitchen counter from unnecessary clutter and mess.  It is vital to go for kitchen cabinet refinishing to give your kitchen a sleeker finish.

Designate a specific huge drawer near the stovetop for spoons, knives, and forks. This way, the cutlery is easily accessible as well as well organized. You can also designate a specific drawer with organizers for all your most-used spices.

Another great cabinet hack is to install vertical organizers in the cabinet to efficiently store baking trays. You can also designate a sliding open cabinet to keep the most used kitchen appliances. It avoids clutter, and also, the devices are easily accessible.

The organization is the key to a well-built and well-designed kitchen. Thus, it is vital to building designated cabinets and drawers. You can also opt for a sliding spice rack or a sliding pantry. It looks fantastic and saves all your items appropriately.

3. Upgrade The Tap & Sink

Sink areas are amongst the most used part of the kitchen. Hence, it is essential to give it some special attention. There are countless different materials and designs available for redesigning skinks and taps.

You can install a new stainless-steel tap to give a modern feel to the kitchen. Or you may go for a unique matte black tap to create a statement look and change the entire feel of the kitchen.

The kitchen sink can be improved by installing a gooseneck faucet and cast iron sink. It will not only add a great deal of elegance but will enhance the functionality as well. Lastly, keep the sink area big enough to avoid clutter.

While no kitchen is complete without a sink, it will always be a hole in the countertop no matter what you do. However, luckily there are methods to make the sink both less noticeable and more practical.

You can install movable drain panels that may be placed wherever they are most beneficial, such as to the side of the sink. You can also install a retractable faucet which will disappear when you’re not using it.

4. Invest In Good Lighting

A good source of light is vital for conducting any task. Cooking and baking often involve complex functions like measuring, which requires a good amount of light. Hence, it is crucial to increase the amount of light in the kitchen.

More light can never go wrong when it comes to the kitchen area. An efficient place to install more light is under the cabinet. It increases the amount of light when doing counter tasks, especially during the night.

Under the cabinet light, balance the prevailing light in the room and hence, improve workability. An adequate amount of light makes your kitchen appear larger in size. Halogen bulbs and overhead lighting works the best for the dining area.

You can also install lighting strips in kitchen cabinets and drawers. This extra oomph of lighting adds detail, precision, and modern touch to the kitchen. Moreover, it will also increase functionality as dark cabinets wouldn’t be dark anymore.

5. Keep Your Countertop Free

Countertops are an essential part of the kitchen. Most of the assembling, prepping, chopping, and cutting for the meals is carried out on the countertop. Hence, it is essential to have a vast countertop space.

The countertop should be free from any clutter or mess and must be neat and clean. To avoid clutter from cords and chargers, you can use hacks and hide them in a wooden bead box.

It will not only make your counter space look neat and clean but also keep the cords organized. In case of uncomfortable cold granite and quartz countertops, you can easily install under-the-counter heating pads.

There are still solutions that work for a modern kitchen if you like your equipment to be more accessible and not hidden away in a drawer. You can build a countertop that glides over the sink and features a neat, designated area for frequently used spices and tools.

6. Introduce Panelling & Colorful Wall Art

Wall art pieces are easy on the pocket and add a great pop of color to the entire theme of the kitchen. Hence, it is something you should definitely go for when it comes to decorating your kitchen.

Another unique and exciting feature you can add to your kitchen is paneling. Panelling the walls adds a fresh country look to your kitchen without being heavy on the pocket. Hence, make the most of these bonus tips.

Both paneling the walls and buying decorative art pieces is a cheap and easy method of giving your kitchen a new look. It adds a new, fresh breeze of creativity and modernity to the kitchen.

7. Invest In Kitchen Range Hood

A sound exhaust system is an essential part of a well-ventilated kitchen. Let’s agree that none of us like to stand for hours in the hot kitchen. Often it gets unbearable to survive the pricking kitchen heat.

Hence, it is vital to invest in a commercial kitchen range hood. If maintained and used correctly, a kitchen range hood can last for a reasonable amount of time. It will not only remove heat, smoke, and fumes from the air.

But will also eliminate airborne grease and guarantees you protection from toxins produced during cooking. Furthermore, it increases the safety and cleanliness of your kitchen. Kitchen hoods also add a great sense of modernity to the kitchen.

8. Play With Paint

Before painting your kitchen area, decide on a color scheme close to the theme of your house. Ensure you prep well before starting to paint the kitchen, i.e., clean walls, cover edges of tiles, appliances, etc.

Like any other room, start painting your kitchen from the top towards the bottom. If any paint drips, the already painted walls are not destroyed. Vinyl paint is preferable for ceilings as they are not washed often.

You can switch between a roller and brush depending upon the surface area; this will make your work easier.  You can also sand the cabinet doors and then paint them to achieve a neater and more finished look.

9. Build A Casual Eat-in Space

A cozy and casual dine-in or eat-in area in the kitchen looks exceptionally classy and modern. If you have a huge kitchen space, you can play with the design of the dine-in area as much as you want.

However, suppose the kitchen area is compact with limited space. In that case, you can use the high countertop as a casual eat-in area. All you need to do is add some kitchen or bar stools near the countertop.

The cozy eat-in area comes in extremely handy when you are in a hurry and want to grab a snack or meal. Moreover, it is good to have a small sitting area in the kitchen if you’re going to sit and chop or prep the meal.

10. Introduce Some Elements of Greenery 

A little greenery here and there never hurts anyone. Adding some fresh green elements to the kitchen will hold the entire kitchen look together. Moreover, it will add coolness and freshness to the theme.

The ideal green elements you can introduce in your kitchen are a few small cactus pots nicely displaced on the countertop. You can also add some green veils to the window if there is one in your kitchen.

These green elements will keep your kitchen full of oxygen and ensure good ventilation. Moreover, a little green here and there looks pleasing to the eyes. So, do not forget to buy some plants and pots for your kitchen!

11. Bonus: Explore Cooktop Options

The cooktop is one such appliance that depicts the entire look of the kitchen. You can choose countless cooktop designs depending upon your needs and the look you desire for your kitchen.

Even if you prefer a gas cooktop, a modern model may bring the design up a level. You can opt for the most up-to-date gas burner technology, as well as cool features like LED illumination and adjustable novelty pot risers.

Many kitchens now feature indoor grill tops, but modern kitchens increasingly have even more specialized cooking components. You can even prepare Japanese cuisine in your kitchen. Choose the design that suits you and your needs the best.

Final Verdict

The kitchen area should never be ignored when designing, redesigning, or giving a makeover to the house. A well-designed and executed kitchen can change the whole feel and look of your home.

Furthermore, it makes the cooking process enjoyable. People are more likely to enter and spend time in a beautiful and well-organized kitchen. Thus, never underestimate what an exceptionally designed kitchen can do for your house and you.

Today intelligent homes have become such a trend amongst the younger generations that it gets hard to choose what to include in your modern home. Thus, we hope that this comprehensive list will help you redo your kitchen area smartly.

Apart from renovating the kitchen, it is imperative to take care of the kitchen’s hygiene and keep it neat and clean. Without cleanliness, even the most modern kitchen designs look unpleasant and unappealing to the eyes.

Do let us know if some tips and tricks came in handy when you decided to give your kitchen a new and modern look. Furthermore, please don’t refrain from sharing the methods we happened to miss out on.

We’d love to hear back from you all!

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