Where to Get a Custom Banner in Vermont

If you want to promote your business, you need the proper signage. One of the most versatile and reliable types of signs is the humble banner.

Banners work well for many situations, so it helps if you can work with the best sign maker.

Fortunately, Vermont-based businesses have multiple options when it comes to custom banners. We’re going to take a tour of these businesses and what they have to offer.

We’ll also dive into why banners can be such a game-changer for your brand.

Why are Custom Banners Valuable? 

Although digital marketing has become the go-to option for business promotion, physical signage is as valuable today as ever. Custom banners can have a massive impact on your company when deployed correctly. Here are some top reasons to incorporate custom banners into your marketing strategy:


Banners work well for all kinds of situations, from trade shows to festivals to storefronts. You can hang a banner practically anywhere, making it one of the most useful and adaptable marketing materials available.

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Professional Appearance

If you want to show customers that you know what you’re doing, a high-quality canvas or vinyl banner is an excellent choice.

Even though these signs are “temporary,” they illustrate that you’re committed to excellence and that you invest in your business. Also, here is where custom banners excel.

If you looked at two companies – one with a generic banner and another with a customized version, which would you trust more?


Compared to other business signage, custom banners are pretty affordable. So, you can print banners for various locations and purposes.

Plus, even though these signs are cost-effective, they can last for years with proper cleaning and maintenance. Overall, you get more than your money’s worth when buying a custom banner.

Top Custom Banner Makers in Vermont

WorkSafe TCI

Although banners may seem like a “one size fits all” type of sign, they’re much more diverse than you might expect.

When selecting a banner, you have to choose the right material, size, and format. For example, a canvas banner works well for outdoor use, while vinyl can add a glossy finish to your design.

WorkSafe TCI offers a wide selection of custom banners to fit your specific needs. If you’re not sure what will work best, WorkSafe’s team will help you make the right decision for your company.

So, whether you want a “Grand Opening” banner for your new storefront or a marketing sign for a specific campaign, WorkSafe TCI has you covered.

Best of all, this company can also help you design and format your banner to capture your audience’s attention.

WorkSafe has an in-house design team that can take your ideas and turn them into an eye-catching reality. Sometimes, it can be challenging to format a banner because of the length of the material. Fortunately, you’re in excellent hands with this company.

PawPrint and Mail

When it comes to banner materials, vinyl is one of the most common. Businesses love vinyl banners because they’re weather-resistant, add a sheen to the final design, and are highly reusable.

PawPrint and Mail specializes in vinyl printing, and the company offers several mounting options. You can hang your banner with metal grommets, run a rope through a hemmed edge, or utilize a retraction system to protect the material better.

PawPrint also offers outdoor banners that will hold up to the harsh elements that Vermont has to offer.

The UPS Store

Chances are that you’ve relied on the UPS store for shipping or receiving packages. But did you know that UPS also does custom banner printing?

While this brand doesn’t offer the same kind of personalized attention as a local business, you know what to expect from a nationwide company. The UPS Store offers affordable pricing and fast turnaround times for most jobs.

Another benefit of using a brand like the UPS store is that multiple locations are available for your convenience. Also, many of these offices provide self-service kiosks so that you can get your printing done faster and more efficiently.

Overall, if you want something simple and streamlined, the UPS Store can get it done.

Summit Printing

Typically, banner sizes range from about two to 10 feet long. However, what if you need an oversized banner in a hurry? In that case, you’d call Summit Printing.

This company specializes in large-scale banners, with options ranging from 10 feet to 145 feet long.

These banners work well for indoor and outdoor use, and Summit offers rush printing for most orders. In many situations, you can get your product printed and delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

The other advantage of buying a larger banner is that the material is often cheaper. As a rule, printing services offer steep discounts for bulk orders, and a large-scale banner works the same way.

So, the per-foot price winds up costing less than it would with a smaller print. Even better, Summit includes hemming or grommets for free with each order.

When to Use Custom Banners

As we mentioned, custom banners are highly versatile. All you need is a bit of creativity, and there’s no limit to what you can do with these marketing pieces. Some common examples include:

  • Building Signage – Permanent signs can be expensive and take a while to install. A banner is much easier to hang and delivers a similar professional atmosphere.
  • Events and Trade Shows – A banner is a must, whether you’re hosting the event or participating in a festival or trade show. Retractable banners are ideal for trade shows.
  • Sales and Product Launches – Customers will take notice if you post a “sale” banner in front of or inside your storefront. These simple signs can help strengthen your bottom line. Plus, you can reuse the banner each time you run a new promotion.

Now that you know where to get your custom banners in Vermont, happy printing!

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