Top eight most interesting features of Airpods Pro

Seeing Airpods in a crowded space, one could mistake them for simple wireless Bluetooth headphones.

However, the Airpods are much more than that – they can be considered a small technological marvel.

Apple Airpods Pro is the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek, innovative design. In fact, AirPods feature some pretty great specs.

Here are AirPods’ Top eight features

  1. Airpods have five-hour battery life and come with a charging case that can hold multiple charges. Once Airpods are fully charged, they can run for up to 3 hours on one charge. Airpods support fast charging, which enables AirPods to gain 3 hours of use from just 15 minutes of charging.
  2. AirPods wirelessly connect to your iOS 10 devices, macOS, and Apple Watch via Bluetooth. Airpods can even connect simultaneously with two different devices at once – Airpods will prioritize the device you are interacting with and automatically switch to Airpods’ microphone. AirPods Pro also has the capacity to distinguish between each user’s voice, so Airpods only connect to the correct owner.
  3. Airpods are equipped with optical sensors and motion accelerometers that allow AirPods to detect when they’re in your ear. If Airpods are placed in your ear, AirPods play sound.

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  1. Airpods’ microphones enable Airpods to be used as a hands-free way of talking on the phone. Airpods also have beamforming technology that isolates and filters out external noise during phone calls and while processing speech commands.
  2. Airpods also supports Siri and allows the user to activate Siri just by saying, “Hey, Siri.” AirPods can recognize and distinguish between multiple voices.
  3. Airpods use Bluetooth 4.2 technology for connectivity and support extended range wireless that allows AirPods to function even when they’re away from your iOS device. AirPods have a wireless range of up to 40 feet.
  4. Airpods’ unique charging case is a technological innovation that makes AirPods Pro a practical piece of technology. The AirPods charging case can be charged wirelessly, and Airpods charge magnetically within the Airpods charging case. Once AirPods are in the Airpods case, they automatically charge. The AirPods charging case can be charged wirelessly via a USB-C cable or plugged into any standard Lightning cable to draw power from an electrical outlet. The airPods charging case has up to two full extra charges within it.
  5. Airpods have an industry-first W1 chip that powers Airpods. The AirPods W1 chip helps AirPods deliver great audio and enables AirPods to connect easily with other Apple devices. AirPods’ W1 is an industry-first wireless chip that is built into AirPod earbuds and Airpods charging case for easy setup and pairing with all of your Apple devices. AirPods’ W1 chip also works to balance battery life and power, so AirPods last for the entire day on one charge. AirPods go into sleep mode when Airpods are not being used; Airpods standby time is up to five hours.

Airpods sense whenever they are inside your ear and pause audio when Airpods are taken out; Airpods also play sound as soon as AirPods are inserted into your ears.

AirPods Pro utilizes the wide variety of sensors found in Airpods to automatically control music, phone calls and activate Siri.

Airpods Pro enables AirPods to recognize whether they are in your ear or not, which allows AirPods to automatically play a sound when AirPods are inserted into your ears. AirPods also pause audio whenever AirPods are taken out of the users’ ears.

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