How to Disconnect Apple Watch Without iPhone?

If you have recently got a new Apple watch then you might be wondering and you might want to know how you can disconnect your old watch from your iPhone. 

Well, this blog is going to guide you about how to disconnect an Apple watch then you will be getting to know about it in this blog so without spending any time extra let us begin to know the steps. 

Disconnect Apple Watch from Your iPhone

You first need to ensure that your iPhone and your Apple watch both have the latest updates installed on them. After which you should ensure that your phone and watch are placed together as you cannot do these steps remotely. 

You have to remember that the battery of your watch and the phone should be up to 50%. If it is not then first charge your devices before starting the process.

You have to now open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone device after which you should click on the option of my watch following which you should click on the All Watched button which is there on the top of the screen to unpair the Apple Watch

After this, you have to now click on the info button which you will find next to the name of your watch, and the hit on unpair apple watch option after which you should confirm it by putting in your Apple Id as well as password.

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Once the old watch is locked you will be able to pair a new watch to your device with the help of using the steps for how to unsync the Apple watch and if you want to pair some other watch you can do it as well.

Disconnect Apple Watch Without iPhone

What if you don’t have your iPhone and you want to disconnect your watch from the device, what will you do in this situation? If you want to know about unpair an Apple watch without iPhone then go ahead and read the steps properly.

  • Open your Apple Watch and go to its Settings
  • There you need to tap on the General section.
  • After that, you have to click on the Reset option.
  • When you tap on the reset, you will see Erase All Content and Settings. Click on the option to proceed. (Read the warning carefully before clicking on the option)
  • After this process, you might be asked to enter your password. If you will be asked then enter your watch password by which you can proceed.
  • In the end, click on Erase All to reset the factory settings of your watch.

These steps are the easiest way to unpair your Apple Watch from your device with or without your iPhone. You can read more about the Apple Watch and the solutions to its issues. Such as Apple Watch Won’t Swipe Up. It is a very common issue faced by its user. Get the best troubleshooting method for this issue at BloggingDart.

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