Develop An E-learning Platform: Features, Cost, Technology and Business Model

I think you still have some concerns about teaching, don’t you? Until now, you may not be sure that you want to teach, or you may even want to, but you have an inner fear of failing or choosing a teaching topic or involving students.

Believe me, this is the smallest thing to worry about. When you start walking in time, your fears and anxieties will go away. Of course, there are many things that you need to know before starting an online course, but it is not a problem.

If you compare it with the traditional education system, you will see how much it benefits people. Both teachers and students use this opportunity.

After the Covid19 pandemic, the importance of e-learning is growing day by day. Teachers and students around the world are welcomed with open arms and enabled to discover convenient platforms for all with required study materials.

In addition, the eLearning websites provide modern techniques for engaging students and making the process of learning more enjoyable. Suppose something is getting more important day by day.

In that case, the issues connected with it are rising too. The e-learning web development projects are increasingly growing along with more and more creators going online. So, now many educational start-ups are sprouting and becoming very successful, and most of them have unusual but interesting ideas and provide many opportunities.

But even if you have an idea of creating an e-learning website, it is not enough to make a billion dollars if you do not put effort into your work. LMS full form in education increases and leads to new challenges.

We already know such successful platforms with a mix of creative ideas and trust. So do you want to do the same as Coursera, Udemy, and other giants did, or do you want to provide something different with more compelling features and price?

So, how do you build a successful e-learning platform? What are the models, what are the characteristics, and how much is it going to cost? All of these issues — features, business models, building phases, and development costs – you can find- reading the continuation.

The types of e-learning platforms

All existing e-learning platforms are free and commercially classified. As always, if you need to have simple training one time, free platforms can fit your needs. 

There are some main types of e-learning platforms.

Today we are going to speak about LMS.

A simple commercial LMS includes fundamental functionalities necessary to design, run and host online courses. In learning management systems, there is a wide range of functions. Fundamental potential include tools for storing and managing courses and evaluating progress among students.

The main systems for learning management are Web-based and completely meet the requirements of any educational institution or organization providing newcomers or employees with training. 

Learning management systems have many benefits we can count and share with you.

Firstly it gives us an opportunity to create inspiring and interesting courses and include different aspects and combine diverse materials.

Of course saves time on learning and the cost is more convenient if you know for sure you develop new skills and activities.

Different types of learning styles are available. You can try every type and choose the one you like the most. 

Additional profit generation. This is the best part for educators. Who does not want to share knowledge and get paid? 

Contain many beneficial resources and provide pupils with a wonderful learning experience.

Make interactions with the user platform easy..

Provide students with real-time monitoring of their progress.

How Much is the price of an e-Learning Website?

The precise pricing depends entirely on your needs. The more complex the platform is, the longer Devs spend their time working on its features. And the more you will be expensive.

But let me share some good news with you. If you are really concerned about the current level of education, you want to make changes and become that change yourself, you do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve any of your results.

Naturally, you can not create your own website, you need to turn to relevant professionals, but you can entrust it to experienced people and the same work, on which you would spend thousands of dollars, you can do with Uteach for at least $ 24 a month.

Are you surprised too? Of course, the amount of money increases with the addition of new opportunities, but to get a similar result for $ 60 or even $ 200 is just wonderful. Let me add one more good thing too. You also have 35 days of free trial with Uteach.

Course page

I do not want to scare you, but after having your own website, everything does not end and a little more difficult period begins, but of course, everything can be overcome because you have a goal, which you must achieve.

First of all, the problem of making video lessons should be solved by doing everything you can to get the maximum quality and good lessons, because people will pay for it, and it is not a little.

Besides, it is not only presenting the existing information and filming it. You need to find new, exciting ways to present it. You need to consider the age limit of your audience in order to get a better idea and get better results…

Then you have to promote your website and so to speak a little bit of your advertising so that you do not have a shortage of students. All of this is actually clearer than you think. Even if they have some difficulties, they can definitely be overcome.

Yashik Patel
Yashik Patel is a Google Certified, Digital Marketing and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years experience in SEO, SEM and ORM (Online Reputation Management) field.

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