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Tug of War between Dell and HP: Who is the Winner?

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When you are willing to purchase a laptop, confusion tends to overflow your mind, and that’s quite normal. The market is full of worthy models from renowned laptop brands, and each of them has a sturdy build, classic look, and powerful processors.

It’s getting difficult day by day to state which brand is the best in the industry. Still, two brands that are very consistent for decades in manufacturing quality laptops are Dell and HP.

Both are hot favorites for those who prefer laptops as a super-durable machine — for multitasking, entertainment, and coding. Yes, there are other brands such as Apple, Acer, MSI, Lenovo, and so on, but today we’ll be discussing the competition between Dell and HP.

If you’re stuck with choices of Dell vs HP and want to figure which one laptop to buy, then this guide will definitely help you. Let’s get to the research details that we have summarized for you.

Dell vs HP: Tough to Decide?

Both brands are providing us with magnificent features, ultimate speed, long enough battery life, and so on and so forth. Before making any obvious decision, it will be better for us to review all the important checkpoints.

According to Computer repair shop professionals, you should consider a laptop powerful enough to handle the tasks of a student, professional, or corporate expert.

However, both the brands, Dell vs HP, have a wide range of laptops for everyone and for every career field. You can be a gamer, a student, a business owner, an IT professional, or anything, and still, you can have your laptop worth your work.

Fantastic, isn’t it? Dell and HP won’t ever disappoint you with their extensive laptop ranges; they’re just made for everyone.

Let’s highlight some of the performance factors that might help you choose Dell over HP or HP over Dell.

Disclaimer: We’re not here to provide you with biased opinions. And, we are not paid by either Dell or HP. All the comments and research are our personal opinions.

Design Aspects


Looks obviously matter; or else, companies haven’t been spending billions to make their gadgets stylish. And, we think that HP has invented its flagship design with Spectrex360 and HP Elite Dragonfly series.

The Dragonfly is a premium option for those who like thin bezels and lightweight laptops. The solid magnesium alloy is perfect for handling and is a state-of-art gadget.

On the other hand, we can’t drift our eyes away from the Spectrex360 series. This 2-in-1 convertible keeps us spellbound, and the aluminum chassis is classy. Additionally, HP Pavilion, Omen, etc., series appear pretty cool. HP is improving its design factors and back in the competition with Dell.


Whereas Dell has been remaining stylish forever. If you can remember, the Dell Vostro series was eye-catchy. And, talking about its latest innovation, the Dell XPS series is one of the hottest avatars in the market. Ranging from slim notebooks to beasty gaming laptops, Dell is never out of fashion.

The design and the display are always the talks of the town when you review a Dell laptop. Generally, Dell offers laptops with screens ranging from 11 to 18 inches. Additionally, you will hardly nag about the picture quality, resolution, and touch screen amenities when you’re with Dell.

Gaming laptops and Alienware from Dell flaunts an elegant look. No doubt, why gamers feel attracted to these masterpieces from Dell. Dell makes all the difference with a backlit keyboard, sturdy carbon chassis, impressive heat exhaust, and fancy logos. We think that Dell is a clear winner in terms of design.

Use Cases

When we compare two brands and their innovations, it’s quite natural that they might outperform each other in some cases. We have already stated it is a tough competition, and we should check both of these brands’ performance under specific pressure points. Otherwise, the judgment might remain partial, and no one would like it. This is why we are going to take help from some use cases from our daily life scenarios.


Students need laptops, and it has become a mandatory requirement instead of just a choice. According to ages and abilities, the requirements of a laptop might vary from one student to another. Surprisingly, Dell and HP are full of laptops that can help students out in any situation.

If you’re a college student and looking for a decent processor from Intel Core i5 along with 8GB of RAM, and enough SSD storage, then Dell Inspiron 14 is the perfect series for you. Additionally, the laptop comes with a stunning 14-inch display, and the speed is decent to finish all your assignments within the given deadline.

In case you’re just a school student and searching for a light-weight laptop, then we can recommend you HP Chromebook 14. The user interface is utterly simple, and the credit goes to ChromeOS.

A laptop is an in-budget option for those who require speedy performance. This laptop offers the Intel Celeron N400 processor, 32GB eMMC storage, 4GB RAM, Wi-Fi 5, and Bluetooth 5 connections.

So, you can choose according to your specifications and system requirements. Both brands are excellent and reasonable in terms of features.


Here, HP has many features to offer compared to Dell. We believe a business laptop must be prompt and versatile, and laptops from HP made us awestruck. HP Elite Dragonfly, HP Envy x360, HP ZBook Studio, and HP Pro C640.

Most of these laptops come with a 1080p display, along with so many ports and in-built features. They are enough to comply with your business requirements and let your assignments be completed within time.

Additionally, most of the HP business collection laptops come with a minimum of 8GB RAM, and that’s great for multitasking. Moreover, six-core processors make the jobs easy for HP laptops to handle.

Well, if you look for a business laptop from the available Dell range, then there’s a machine for the overall best experience. It’s Dell XPS 13 or Dell XPS 15 that has great aesthetics along with enriching performance factors. The display features Dolby Vision. So, HP is a better option than Dell when you are searching for business laptops.

Video Editing

It’s a tedious task for any processor out there. So, you’ll need a huge display, an amazing processor, a decent amount of RAM, and storage. And, we believe that Dell XPS 17 can be a great option.

The laptop has got a six-core 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and an SSD of 512GB. Additionally, the laptop has a video card from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, and the SSD can be upgraded to 2TB.

The laptop seems to be extraordinarily perfect, and it somehow manages to outperform Apple’s MacBook Pro 16. When we sneak into the HP series for a video editing capable laptop, Envy 15 seems to be the right one. This has got the same processor as Dell XPS does.

Other specifications are more or less the same as Dell XPS. When it comes to the graphics, it’s an RTX 2060 Max-Q. The build quality is superb and with an AMOLED display. But, this laptop lacks a full-size SD card slot.


We can’t recommend the best gaming laptops from the current HP gaming range for a true and uninterrupted gaming experience. But, we must say that Dell laptops are way more recommendable than HP ones. If we don’t mention Alienware Area-51m R2 and Dell G5 SE, then it would be an injustice to Dell gaming innovations.

If you have a higher budget, then you should go with Alienware Area-51m R2. It has the sharpest display, and that’s perfect for gaming. The primary variant of this gaming laptop acquires a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and a GPU from NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics card.

This 17.3-inch full-HD laptop is powered with 16GB of RAM and an SSD storage of 512GB. It’s definitely the best gaming laptop that you’re searching for.

Additionally, the Dell G5 SE gaming range is impressive. Well, it might not win the best gaming series that your budget can have; still, it is worthy of being an entry-level gaming laptop.

It might not have a stunning design, but the lack can be mended by those absolutely spell-binding specifications. The laptop is supported by an eight-core AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor and AMD Radeon RX 5600M GPU. The display of the laptop comes with 144Hz 1080p functionalities.

When it comes to HP gaming laptops, then there are a few options under comparatively lower budgets. HP Omen 15 and HP Pavilion 17 can do the job, but we must say that Dell has better and improved variants than HP has in the gaming sector.


Now, let’s move on to the specification-wise comparison between Dell and HP laptops. Processors are responsible for managing all the tasks and resulting in output. The processor speed relates to the performance of the PC.

Nowadays, both HP and Dell are relying on two main processors, Intel and AMD Ryzen. If you are looking for the fastest processor, then it’s the Intel Core i9.

Both HP and Dell are offering the fastest processor of Intel in their innovations. In case you are looking for light-blazing speed and performance, then Dell is way ahead of HP. Additionally, the processors of Dell laptops come with some extra specifications. Moreover, the differences of core might leave an impact on the performance of Dell and HP laptops.


It’s another vital check when it comes to the comparison of two laptop brands. Whenever you’re opening an application, running something on it, everything gets stored on RAM. The capacity of RAM should justify the smooth running of your laptop. Currently, you can come across laptops that are powered with RAM of capacity starting from 4GB to 128GB.

Well, Dell and HP are even when it comes to the RAM specifications. You can find Dell laptops with 4GB of RAM, such as Dell Vostro Core i3. Dell Inspiron 15 series might be offering 8GB, as well as 12GB RAM mostly. If you’re searching for 16GB RAM in Dell laptops, then Dell XPS 13 will do the job.

On the other hand, HP is as versatile as Dell when you are talking about versatile RAM availability. The brand provides 8GB of RAM, in the HP 15S series. 12GB of RAM is available in HP Pavilion 15-in laptops. And, the stunning HP Pavilion x360 is empowered by 16GB of RAM.


Laptops are meant to be living without power adapters and charging for a considerable amount of time. So, you need to check on the battery; how much the battery can provide without charging. Additionally, the battery comes with functional life of more or less three years. Let’s see which brand is offering the most cost-efficient batteries.

HP laptop batteries tend to live from two to four years. The brand makes use of lithium-ion prismatic batteries. And, this kind of battery is capable of being charged up to 50% in 30 minutes. The speciality of HP batteries is that they don’t over drain.

On the contrary, Dell utilizes lithium-ion batteries. Such batteries can serve you from 1.5 years to 2 years. Moreover, such batteries do have a tendency to get swollen on being exposed to heat.

Additionally, we have noticed that Dell batteries might get weaker with time and long terms of use. However, the batteries don’t get overcharged, even if you keep the charger plugged in for hours.

Graphics Card

A decent-performing graphics card is something that is a must for every laptop, we believe. Whoever you are, a professional, a student, a creator, or a gamer, a graphics card does matter in picking up the right laptop for you.

Mostly, two graphics card manufacturers are in the race when it comes to better performance, and they are NVIDIA and AMD. Both Dell and HP laptops assign graphic cards from these manufacturers.

HP offers premium graphics cards of different capacities such as 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, and so on. You can witness the variation of graphics cards if you go through HP Pavilion 15, HP Pavilion Core i7 9th Gen, HP Omen Core i7 9th Gen, and furthermore.

Additionally, Dell provides quality graphics card support for better display as output. The image rendering process will be much faster if the graphics card has a higher configuration. The gaming laptops from the Dell G3 series have got amazing graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA.

Till now, HP has its own perks, and somewhere Dell has outperformed HP several times. If you are concerned about some specific features, then we have already mentioned them in detail. Now, it will be easier for you to go with either Dell or HP as your latest laptop brand.

Few Laptop Suggestions from Both Brands: HP & Dell

If you have decided on the brand, then we think that you should review the most beautiful creations of both these brands. Then, it would be smoother for you to make the best purchase from one of these brands. Here we go:


We think that the overall best laptop model from Dell is XPS 13. However, if you’re focussing on gaming laptops, then you can go for the Alienware series. Here, we have included all the noteworthy innovations from Dell.

1. Dell XPS 13

This product range from Dell flaunts the classic appearance of Dell design. The almost borderless display is enough to make you a fan of it. Powered with Intel’s 10th gen Core i7 processor, the laptop provides you with a smooth experience with performance, processor speed, and a battery life of up to twelve hours.

2. Dell Inspiron Series 3000

If Dell XPS 13 appears to be too hefty on your budget, then don’t worry. Dell does have some excellent mid-range budget laptops with wonderful features. In this lineup series of Dell Inspiron 3000, you can get a 14-inch display, powerful processors, elegant display, sturdy build, and much more. You won’t regret your choice with this range from Dell.

3. Dell Inspiron 14 Series 5000

If you’re just a student and don’t want to spend too much on your first laptop purchase, then Dell won’t disappoint you. Dell Inspiron 14 Series 5000 is a powerful machine for handling all the study needs. And, the laptops are inexpensive, and the build is impressive.


Like Dell, HP has a magnificent range of powerful laptops. From high-end technical specifications, efficient battery to uncompromised looks, everything is available in HP laptop ranges.

1. Spectre x360

If you want to experience the premium feel and quality aspects, then HP Spectre x360 is something you should check out. With a feature-rich processor and graphics card, this laptop will accomplish all your needs. Additionally, the laptop doesn’t feel bulky at all, and this is your ultimate portable workhouse.

2. HP Envy x360

The x360 lineup is quite in-demand, and you can have it in your middle-range budget, as well. With AMD Ryzen processor at its core, you can perform many hectic jobs on this series of laptops from HP. In addition, the laptop series offers a decent battery life.

3. Pavilion x360

HP is too here with budget laptops. It has the speed and performance for which you’re investing the money. The laptop is good for handling daily computing tasks to light gaming.

Final Catch-up Line….

Finally, when you have compared all the specifications for both Dell vs HP, figure out your requirements. HP laptops might sound a bit more expensive than Dell ones. And, you can experience more gaming extravaganza on the Dell gaming series.

If you prefer low budget along with quality output, then go for Dell. HP can be your best choice if you are not concerned about budget and desire powerful hardware.