5 Fun Corporate Team Building Activities that Will Have a Lasting Impact

Team Building Activities That Improve Communication and Collaboration

Team building activities provide an opportunity for employees to get to know one another outside of the workplace. Employees can build relationships with other employees and develop skills that will translate into the workplace, while also having fun at the same time.

The following are some team building activities that have been proven to improve communication and collaboration in workplaces.

An intranet portal is a great way for employees to share articles, submit feedback on ideas, and collaborate on projects. A company intranet provides an interactive space where employees can share their thoughts and ideas with one another.

A scavenger hunt is a great way for teams to practice problem-solving skills without being pressured by time or stakes. It can be used as a team-building activity when people are new or unfamiliar with each other. It is fun for all

Why Keeping Employees Happy is Important for Your Business

The old saying that “happy employees are the key to a successful business” has been around for decades. And while most employers would agree with the sentiment, few have put much effort into making it true.

Keeping employees happy is important because happy employees have higher rates of productivity and efficiency, they are more engaged in their work, and they feel less stressed out.

The Benefits of Using Corporate Team Building Activities at Work

Corporations need to be able to function as a team in order to produce the best possible results. Team building activities are usually used by companies to provide employees with a way of getting to know each other and improve the overall morale of the company.

Some corporations believe that team building exercises are a waste of time, while others use them as a way of saving money in the long run.

Team building activities can provide employees with an opportunity to get together and build relationships with their colleagues, which can help make work more enjoyable for them.

It also gives them time away from their desks in an interesting environment so they can focus on having fun instead of just working.

Top 5 Fun Corporate Team Building Activity Ideas for a Successful Event

1. Escape the Room – challenging and fun team building activity

Escape the Room is a challenging and fun team building activity.

This is a game that needs to be played in teams. The room they are in has all sorts of puzzles and clues that need to be solved in order for the team to get out.

A common misconception is that this game is played only by adults. However, it can also be played by kids because it does not have any tough puzzles or clues which require complex thinking skills.

2. Build Something – time management skills, problem solving, creativity

Building a project from start to finish is an experience many people think they cannot live without. A project can be anything from creating a Lego build, designing a board game, or designing and coding a website.

Every project starts with an idea and some planning. The next step is to gather supplies, the last step is to do the work to make it happen.

3. Quiz Show- trivia, cleverness, communication skills

Think of it as a pub quiz fun event rather than a test of your work skills. Try to group people together who might not normally interact with or gravitate to each other.

4. Mystery Box – creative thinking skills, resourcefulness

A mystery box is a creativity exercise where participants open an unknown item and are challenged to come up with as many uses for it as possible.

5. Charades- leadership skills, teamwork, creativity

Charades might seem like a simple game, but in reality, it has many leadership qualities that can be applied to real-life scenarios. Teamwork is extremely important for this game, and how each person interacts with their teammates is a skill that you can use in the workplace.

Also, creativity is necessary; whether it be coming up with the clues or acting out what was clued. If you are looking for a great way to improve your leadership skills and teamwork skills, then try playing charades!

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