Best Christmas cards 2022

Christmas is just around the corner, and you’re probably wondering what kind of Christmas card you’ll get for your loved ones.

Because Christmas holds a special place in everyone’s heart, purchasing the best or most personalized holiday cards to greet your family and friends is essential.

While choosing the ideal card, deciding what to write in a Christmas card, and making a list of who to send it to can be enjoyable Christmas activities, it can sometimes feel like a job.

The cost of purchasing Christmas cards often adds up rapidly unless you choose to print free Christmas cards.

We have included several options for each price point, including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and personal holiday cards. We’ve also got selections for those who would rather skip the Christmas photo cards this year.

A few of my favourite things

In this artwork by Darlene Brink, the delights of the festive season take precedence over the beauty of raindrops on roses and the whiskers on cats. The inside of this card is blank, so although we’re not insisting that you add “…and you, of course!” to make the recipient laugh, we kindly suggest you do so.

Love and light holiday card

If you want to get personalized Christmas and holiday cards at a low cost, choose the best love and light cards that will make your lover feel special.

Merry Christmas snowmen

Any collection of Christmas card templates would benefit from including this wintery scene from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Use these amusing Christmas quotes to make your cards more attractive.

Fingerprint reindeer card

The most meaningful Christmas cards allow you to add personal touches. You may download and print a cute Santa and reindeer pattern from Simple Everyday Mom’s project. Create the reindeer heads using fingerprints, and add ribbons to join the reindeer. Create a fun family tradition for Christmas Eve.


According to a basic invite, this will become your new favourite printable Christmas card! Darlene Brink Design Inc. created the stunning bluejay design. To demonstrate how much you care, include it with a lovely Christmas present for a loved one.

Neon Christmas

Neon Christmas 

It would be the layout of a Christmas card if the neon text style on Instagram stories were one.

The PowerPoint files that the Presentation Magazine templates are downloaded as make them extremely simple to use. Although many more cards are available on the website, we choose our favorites—couple one of these holiday cards with a present for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Artifact Uprising 

The minimal prints on this type of card (as well as equally fantastic photo books) are its trademark. Artifact Uprising has the most beautiful Christmas card layouts this year. It’s a great place to shop because you can find everything there, from a nine-collage print that parodies your Instagram feed (a bestseller) to modern dark green and clean, horizontal layouts.


Minted is the best location to get your Christmas cards 2022, which stands out for its distinctive collage possibilities and imaginative typefaces. These two are some of our most popular choices for the season since they include lovely collages and a dome-shaped pattern.

Tidying of comfort and joy

These free printable Christmas cards are a fantastic value and feature stunning artwork like this grand, exquisite design.

The most talented designers created this image of a prancing reindeer surrounded by a ring of holly leaves with the lyrics to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” Find out which Christmas songs you should listen to as you prepare your cards.

 Trees with candy stripes

This Christmas card is evidence that using red and green for Christmas doesn’t have to be flashy. The card has a rustic appearance thanks to muted olive and rich, rusty red; look at these Disney holiday cards.

Holly berry wreath

Choose a free Christmas card with a stylish yet cheery pink-and-white design instead of the customary red-and-green cards you know your recipients will get in droves. Check out these easy-to-make DIY Christmas decorations for additional cheap holiday happiness.

 Very Christmas Tree

This Greetings Island artwork transforms the words “Merry Christmas” into an entire Christmas tree. Red and green stand out on the page. You may alter the wording within, but the default text inside reads, “Gather around your Christmas tree and cherish time spent with family and friends.”

Christmas Gratitude

Christmas is a time to give sincere thanks for all that we have. This charming Christmas card from Blue Mountain is an excellent reminder to slow down and think about the most important things to us. To express your gratitude, include a heartfelt quote on the card.

Happy holiday tree 

The bright tree stands out against the darkness on this artistic card’s black backdrop. The interior of this one is blank, but you are welcome to add any text you desire. This and every other printable Christmas card on Greetings Island is also available as an e-card.

With the help of these amusing Christmas jokes, puns, and memes, you can add some humor to your Christmas card this year.

 Have a Holly Jolly Christmas 

This card from Simple Everyday Mom brings the traditional Christmas song to life. The designs in pink and green stand out on the page. You may also find those that say “Joy to the World” or “Merry Christmas” in a related colour scheme.

 Vintage Santa

With this lovely illustration of a vintage-looking Santa Claus from All Things Christmas, go old school. One of eight free printable Christmas cards offered by the website, this one shows the merry older man in a more conventional, Victorian-inspired pose.

Are you familiar with the meanings of the most popular Christmas symbols? Let us know in the comment section; we’ll award a special prize for the best answer.

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