Choosing the Right Propane Supplier

Propane is an excellent way to heat a home or power certain appliances. It’s clean energy, burns hotter than natural gas, is cost-efficient, and is eco-friendly.

It’s odorless and colorless and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68%.

For residential spaces, propane is delivered in tanks, as opposed to the pipelines natural gas uses.

If you are looking to heat your home this way you’ll want to look for an area propane supplier to ensure you’re getting the best service.

You want to look for not only the best price, but good customer service and reliable delivery.

Determine the Types of Delivery

There are two main types of delivery propane companies provide: automatic and as-needed.

Automatic delivery comes on a regular basis to keep the tank full. As-needed counts on you to be proactive and call in when propane is necessary. This puts the onus on you to keep track of your propane levels.

Know All the Fees

You will pay for propane every time it’s delivered but beware of additional fees.

Tank installation fees are one-time deals that happen at the onset of your service. Ask the company what this fee is and if they rent tanks or provide one that can be bought.

Rented tanks have lower costs upfront and the maintenance is on the company.

What is the cost per gallon of the propane and are there delivery costs on top of that?

Some companies require a minimum monthly amount to purchase. Some will hit you with early termination fees if you decide to switch companies, and others charge for disconnecting the tank when you end service.

Ask for a clear outline of expected fees when considering a propane company.

Ask About Payment Plans

Does the company offer the convenience of paying online and paperless statements? If you are in a good monetary position, you’ll want to see if they have automatic payments to keep things simple.

Know Their Service Range

Most companies service their tanks if they are rented. Ask if they also service appliances like hot water heaters, stoves, or furnaces.

It’s very convenient to call one place for all these repairs instead of the hassle of contacting one or more companies to fix anything that breaks down.

What is the safety commitment?

Propane gas can be dangerous under certain conditions. Ask a company for their safety practices and safety record.

The company should also be able to educate you, the customer, about propane safety and what to do in case of potential leaks or gas emergencies.

Along with this, you should ask if the technicians and drivers are certified. Find out if the company is registered and insured in your state.

Browse the Better Business Bureau for information on the company you’re looking at.

Ask for Service Hours

We can’t predict when something will go wrong around the house. When it comes to propane, a service difficulty often needs taking care of immediately.

Ask when technicians are available for such instances. Is the customer service 24/7? What do you do if you need to reach someone outside of typical service hours?

Emergencies cannot be put on hold, so service for these situations shouldn’t be on hold either.

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