column chart

Every data-driven professional knows that visualizing data can be a very effective way of understanding complex sets of data or identifying patterns. Column charts are some of the most used types of data visualization tools that have proven effective in various fields, ranging from statistics to business to academic research. […]

no code automation tools

No Code automation testing brings about a shift in the world of testing by eliminating the need for coding. Instead, it empowers users with interfaces that make coding a thing of the past. These user-friendly interfaces, such as screen recorders and drag-and-drop tools, allow even non-technical individuals like business managers […]

api testing

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are now a crucial component of an interoperability between applications as well as services. With the emergence of microservices architecture as well as cloud computing, APIs are becoming increasingly important in facilitating data sharing and communication between various software components. Ensuring the integrity and dependability […]


Picuki can be described as an Instagram editor and viewer application. The user of Picuki is able to make use of it to view Instagram stories followers’ profiles, posts, profiles, tags, and locations. Yes, the private accounts are not visible on the Picuki platform. Picuki Instagram is the platform where users […]