4 High-Tech Tools to Protect Your Home Office

Pound out some emails and spreadsheets while working in your pajamas or from your lounge chair poolside while working on your tan. Indeed, it’s no secret working from home comes with a lot of freedom and flexibility.

But it also comes with the responsibility of keeping your home office as secure as possible to keep your business running smoothly.

Here are four home office must-haves to keep your business safe:

Smart Locks

Keeping your home secure has never been more important. But doing so starts with owning high-quality security that supports your lifestyle. When traveling for business, you may often find yourself wondering if you locked the front or garage door before rushing out of the house.

Today, with August Smart Locks installed on your home’s exterior doors, you can double check if you locked the doors directly from your smartphone. August makes one of the sleekest locks, which works in concert with a companion app as well as voice assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. This way, you can lock or unlock your doors from anywhere you have cell coverage.

Server Backup

When you worked at your company’s office, there was no need to worry about security, as all of your data was managed for you. In the event of a computer outage or flood disaster, you could rest assured knowing someone else had your back — and made sure all company data was backed up and protected.

But, now that you’re on your own, data backup becomes your responsibility. To safeguard your data and your wallet, look to minimize your expenses by investing in server backup protection from a seasoned provider like Mozy. With cloud backup protection for servers, Mozy is fully equipped to handle a full breadth of data, whether you’re operating a one-man shop or a major international company with hundreds of employees.

Home Security System

It doesn’t matter how safe you think you are in your neighbourhood, when you work from home, having a home security system is essential. If you don’t already have home security, opt for a comprehensive system that includes:

  • Sensors for all doors and windows
  • Several exterior cameras
  • Monitoring systems via smartphone or desktop computer

This way, you can ensure help is quickly dispatched in the event of a break-in. There are a variety of home security providers to choose from, so shop around to find the company that offers the extra features that matter most to you.

You should also consider the time and resources it will take to install the system and if it can be easily integrated with the rest of your home automation equipment. For instance, some systems require professional installation, while others are more inexpensive, DIY versions.

If you use a home assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Voice, look for a system that can be set up to operate through your smart speaker or phone using voice commands.

Video Doorbell

One of the best ways to prevent burglars from scoping out your house is to simply be there around the clock. But working from home comes with its own unique distractions. Case in point: The doorbell rings every time one of your Amazon Prime packages is delivered.

Instead of answering the door — or ignoring it altogether — see who’s there from the comfort of your smartphone. All you need is a video doorbell system, including those sold by Ring. Each system has a built-in camera and microphone so that you can talk to whoever is at your front door directly through the app. Ring even keeps a video log of any motion detected at your front door so you can easily go back and review it in the app at your convenience.

As an added bonus, you can enjoy watching your kiddos come home from school and give you kisses ?

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