How to Stock Your Vacation Home for Renters

As most luxury travelers now take pleasure in the space and privacy of a luxury vacation rental, It is important that as a vacation rental owner, you must know how to stock and furnish a vacation home for rentals to get the attention of these prospective guests.

You must carefully consider what unique amenities and upgrades will help create a perfect home away from home for your guests.

For luxury vacation homes, you must create a space that will meet the potential wish or wishes that your guests have, making it as relaxing, convenient, and comfortable as possible and ultimately giving them an unforgettable experience.

In this article, we will discuss some of the basic and most important things to keep in mind when stocking your vacation rental property to ensure that your guests experience comfort, even beyond their expectations.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Remember, it’s all about your guests. You can start by putting yourself in your guest’s shoes, bearing in mind that even though they planned to stay for a week or more, they are probably coming with only their basic personal items.

Secondly, the supplies you need will ultimately depend on your property type. Ask yourself questions like: “If I was staying on this type of property, what type of things will I like to be provided with”? It will help you decide on what supplies to make available.

For example, a property with a pool or a barbeque pit should provide some basic accessories and supplies for swimming and grilling, ensuring that your guests can enjoy every component of the property.

However, ensure you have the basics covered, and don’t overlook them, or else every other aesthetic will not mean anything to your guests.

Here’s how to stock each room of your vacation home:


The whole notion of a vacation is for rest, so you must ensure that your vacation rental bedroom fully supports this idea.

While providing a very comfortable mattress is good, your vacation rental bedroom furnishing is not limited to that. A nice bed frame furniture, nightstands, or a reading table can help create the magic for both comfort and functionality.

Clean sheets and pillows are equally important. You might also want to provide a few extra pillows that vary in firmness and size, as this would give your guests the option to customize the bed to their taste.

Curtains or blinds will help give your guests privacy, add texture and depth to the room, and block out light rays for guests who would rather sleep in darkness.

Small desk lamps can help create warmth. They give off this low, soft lighting that makes it easy to fall asleep.

While you are at these, remember that a clean and relaxing environment is the height of luxury.


Having to cook and enjoy their meals instead of always eating out is one of the reasons some guests go for a full vacation rental home. Therefore, it is only reasonable to ensure the kitchen is stocked with almost everything your guests need to create and enjoy their meals.

Here is a kitchen inventory for your vacation home rentals which covers most of the essentials your guests will need and appreciate:

Irrespective of the size of your vacation home kitchen, most guests will expect to find basic cooking appliances like; a microwave, coffee maker, toaster, rice cooker, blender, food processor, and tea kettle. You might also want to provide an instruction manual for using some of these appliances.

Silver wares, plates, Coffee cups, plastic cups, water glasses, wine glasses, serving utensils, bowls, and a collection of kitchen knives. Ensure to provide twice the number of bowls, glasses, and plates that accommodate your vacation home’s full capacity.

To make at-home dining feel more elegant for your guests, it may be smart to go for matching dinnerware like; all-white plates, bowls, and cups.

A variety of pots and pans: You can start with the essential non-stick pans and others; a saucepan, muffin pan, roasting pan, stock pot, and baking dish.

Provide utensils that are most often used in recipes; ladle, whisks, spatula, mixing spoons, thongs, chopping boards, strainer, and can opener. To give your guests an even more luxurious feeling, let there be consistency in your choice of utensils. Opt for utensils made from the same materials; plastics, stainless steel, or wood.


A tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush are the least things you can offer your guests. Because some travelers would most probably forget or choose to travel without toiletries, you can make diverse options available for them.

You can successfully impress your guest with a thoughtfully and deliberately stocked bathroom. Ensure to start from the basics that they expect, and then you can go ahead to add some extras that will impress them.

Below is an inventory of some bathroom essentials for your vacation home rental:

  • Toiletries: body soap, shampoos and conditioners, bars of hand soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, mouthwash, and body lotion. For all of these, you should consider providing single-use or travel-size items.

Other toiletries may include; shower caps, hair dryers, and disposable razors.

  • Body towels(preferably white and fluffy), hand towels, and toilet paper. Others may include; No-slip mats for inside and outside the shower and a stylish shower curtain.
  • You can include other accessories; a Trash can, hooks(to hang clothes and towels), a toilet brush, a hamper, and possibly shelves.

Stocking up on Other Basics 

Some basic items should be made available for guests to make it easy for them to handle spills and some cleaning up; kitchen towels, dishwasher detergent, hand and dish soap, cleaning gloves, trash bags, and sponges.

Entertainment and Internet

Regardless of the location and attractions around your vacation home property, your guests would still want the choice of a TV with some streaming services and channels.

You also wouldn’t want your guests complaining about a slow and unstable network, so upgrading your property’s wi-fi will go a long way in ensuring that your guests have the best experience.

Stock Your Vacation Home for Renters

When stocking your vacation home for rentals, remember the goal is to create and give your guests an experience with all the comforts of a home. A full-service vacation rental company can stock your rental the best it can be.

Identify the pieces that will add value to your guest’s stay, and put them together to make your home appealing to them.

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