4 Best Thriller Movies With A Head-Spinning Twist

We all love an incredible plot twist, don’t we?

Whether they are thought-provoking, obscure, or downright shocking (yes, we’re looking at you, The Mist), twists are the staple of any thriller movie.

But, which ones are the best?

In this article, we’ll list down four movies that’ll keep you guessing till the end and then throw a gut-clenching surprise.

So, are you in for the ride? Then, let’s get into our topic right away!

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Top 4 Thrillers With Something A Little Extra

In this section, we’ll list down the thrillers, as well as the twist that makes them such a fantastic addition to our list. Uh… just so you know, there will be major spoilers ahead. Make sure to move forward at your own discretion.

Primal Fear

A feature film by Edward Norton and Richard Gere starts off as a regular-day tale of a sweet, mentally-ill boy accused of murder.

The latter plays the role of a lawyer who tries to protect the character of Edward Norton from the allegation. He succeeds at the end of the film by proving an insanity plea for the defender.

The Twist 

During the movie, we did get a view of Edward Norton’s character’s dual personality quite a few times. It, in turn, led many of us to feel sorry about him and his condition.

However, in an outrageous twist, it’s revealed that it was all a space of acting from Norton’s character. He did murder the pope and was in his right mind till the end.

Get Out 

Get Out is a pretty weird one; we’ll give you that. The storyline revolves around Chris, an Afro-American man, traveling to his caucasian girlfriend’s home.

He’s a little bit worried if his soon-to-be in-laws will accept him or not due to his ethnicity. However, when he reaches there, he feels like there’s more at stake than his skin color.

The Twist 

There are two twists in getting Out. The first one is regarding Rose Armitage, who definitely is not the person she says she is. In contrast, the second one is about why Rose has lured him to his house like other black people before.

Well, the answer is pretty simple – to make them the vessel of the minds of elderly white individuals. Pretty mind-boggling, right?

Shutter Island 

A tense psychological thriller from Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island tells the story of two US investigators visiting a psychiatric center. Their job is to track an individual who has drowned her children mindlessly.

However, Ted Daniels, one of the marshals, has another motive. He wants to find Andrew Laeddis, an arsonist who killed his wife in a fire.

The Twist 

Ted Daniels is, in essence, a patient of the facility. In fact, he’s the “Andrew Laeddis” who killed his own wife for drowning their children.

The investigation was an act curated by the lead psychiatrist, John Crawley, to bring Andrew back into the real world. The funny thing is that everyone else in the center was on the same page, too, other than Chuck Aule.


Four years before the initiation of World War II, a teen girl, Briony, witnessed her elder sister, Cecilia, having sex with Robbie, their housekeeper’s boy.

However, as a child, she thinks that her sister is being assaulted by Robbie. Later, when her cousin, Lola, is raped, she identifies Robbie as the attacker.

After four years, Robbie is released from prison for World War II – and when Briony finally understands her mistake, she meets with him and Cecilia to atone for her wrong judgment.

The Twist 

In real life, Robbie never made it back from the war. Cecilia dies after a short while as well. The whole scenario of atonement was a part of an autobiography novel that now-adult Briony was writing.

Her sister and her beau never got the happy ending they and we, the viewers, have been waiting for since the beginning.

Final Take 

Now, we will be finishing up our article. Before you state the obvious, yes, we know we’ve, indeed, missed out on several masterpieces. That’s why we’re encouraging you to jot down the movies you found to be interesting. We’ll also send a reply and tell you if we’re on the same boat as you or not.

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