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The Core Points of Reseller Hosting

reseller hosting

When a professional company or a person buy a full dedicated server and sell its own term, called reseller hosting service.

This space can be bought by freelancers, professionals and those who are looking for a home-based business.

Mostly, these kinds of web hosting are used by web developers and web designers and pro web hosting company to host their respective client’s websites.


You can get lots of advantage from even the cheapest reseller hosting plan and start your online business.

You can also run it like a side business or with your full-time job. Because in this hosting business, you don’t need to take a lot of hassle your hosting service provider is responsible for it.

Only, you have to make a soft conversation between clients and your hosting company so that you can serve them with more ease. You also have some tech knowledge to manage WHM and cPanel tool.

Before starting this business you have to collect essential information about Reseller Hosting and its features. The following things can strong your intentions towards your aim.

However, there are lots of guides available to learn about reseller hosting but this guide is perfect for newbies who are struggling in the web hosting industry.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a choice that includes one organization (a hosting supplier) leasing hard drive space and data transmission to another organization (little medium-size business), which at that point leases the space to outsiders (business people independent company).

Basically, Reseller web hosting is the capacity to give hosting to your own customers from your side like as you yourself, were the web hosting organization.

This is regular for hopeful business visionaries who need to begin their own web hosting firm or for current web developers and designers who want to add extra services to their organization or business.

Features of Reseller Hosting

There are various features of reseller hosting which are very beneficial. These features attract user to buy reseller hosting. Let us discuss features which are as follows:-

Disk Space

Disk space, as far as reseller accounts, is the measure of disk space that you are given to divide among the entirety of your records essential and exchanged. Utilize the control board to separate this disk space to best suit your reseller hosting needs.


Bandwidth capacity is the measure of information you can move both to and from your reseller hosting plan. Here it is divided among the entirety of your made (and essential) accounts. Handily set your own data transmissions for each reseller record.

Reseller Accounts

The quantity of reseller accounts you can make for exchanging relies upon the bundle that you purchase. This is set so that each account has sufficient data transmission and disk space to give you and your clients the best performance.

Custom DNS Name Servers

Utilizing our custom DNS name server alternative empowers you to introduce yourself as an individual hosting supplier, hiding our name as your source and expanding your security.

Domain Reseller Account

We offer you a Domain Reseller account with various domain names to enroll, including TLD and ccTLD, this will increase your clients, just like your business and worth.

IP Address

There is no restriction to the quantity of IP Addresses you can buy with your package. Purchase extra IP addresses to add to the number of sites that you need to have on each address.

Learn about WHM 

Before taking deep steps inside the Reseller hosting cave, you have to understand of WHM. This is an administrative tool and gives your full control and all access over the server.

Web Host manager tool comes with your reseller hosting account and offers you’re the power of an admin panel to distribute separate space to your potential clients in the form of cPanel. Having a WHM you can concentrate on your to-do work.

This tool offers you several features after that you are able to increase decrease and add or eliminate every kind of software as per your need and give you the freedom as a full-form web hosting company.

Benefits of WHM

In the WHM case, your web hosting company plays the main role to handle your issue.

WHM contain highly powerful and security features that provide you to do more productivity and freedom.

Web host manager tool offers you manage and install a secure socket layer in one click.

It offers you complete ownership to add an account or change any account in case if space is sold and deleted. It gives you newsletters and upgrades options information regarding WHM.

It also gets you the exact status of resources and the latest plans of the reseller. In case you face difficulty then you would contact your, web host.

How to Buy Reseller Hosting    

Before going to purchase a reseller host you should understand the exact process so that you can be able to take a suitable host with ease.

First thing, make a checklist and write top reseller host and their prices after that make a second checklist of your clients whom you will sell your transformed plans with exclusive name.

Find their sales contact detail and directly call them and discuss with them their plans, prices and their technical support departments.

Make your personal list with prices of different packages which you would offer to your clients.

After, do these all tasks choose a reseller plan and follow the terms of the company. You can change these plans and replace them with your personal brand name then start your marketing for your new commercial business.

Pro and Cons of Reseller Hosting

  • You can start your business at very cheap prices.
  • You can start your business with few clients and without hiring support executives. This pro can save your time and money.
  • You don’t need to take professional expertise to manage your online business. All troubles are handled by your host.
  • You can manage the cPanel accounts and stare at the client’s activities with a single WHM panel.
  • Reseller hosting works like a chair where your clients can sit together with comfort.
  • In some cases, you get less access to your client’s websites and personal websites. And you do not have root access to install relevant software.

Conclusion –

Reseller hosting is the most suitable option for those who are looking to start their own business.

I wrote this guide for beginners to let them understand the basics of reseller hosting. I am going to write and advance reseller features for expert.

Learn this article carefully and can ask any question using a comment section. I am here to answer you.