Stargate Universe Season 3 – Is there any chance of the show being resurrected?

The show ended with a major cliffhanger, so there was still a chanceStargate UniverseCould season 3 happen? The stargate the 1994 film starring James Spader, Kurt Russell and the rest of the cast launched the franchise.

It was about discovering an ancient gateway to a distant planet. Roland Emmerich surprised everyone by making the movie.

He would soon follow it up with blockbusters such as independence Day1998Godzilla. There was originally a plan to create a trilogy featuring Spader and Russell, but it never came to fruition.

Instead, Stargate SG-1 became the first television series to be created by the franchise. The series continued the movie’s story, with Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) replacing Kurt Russell.

The series would expand the mythology of the film and introduce new characters as well as alien races. Stargate Origins and Stargate Atlantis both spawned from the series’ ten-season run. Stargate Universe, another series that debuted in 2009, starred Robert Carlyle as well as Ming-Na Wen.

Is season 3 coming out?

Fans were eager to see the latest season 3 updates for the cliffhanger ending of the second season. However, the SYFY announced in 2011 that they had dropped plans for any future Stargate Universe installments.

The Stargate universe was canceled because of these reasons 

In the first season, there was a marked drop in viewers. Even though the time slot was changed in the second season, it did not make the show more popular. SYFY decided not to plan for another season due to the lack of fair evaluation and drop in ratings.

Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright designed this show. The show’s creator is Carl Binder. The story is science fiction and features soldiers and civilians trapped on an old spaceship.

The creators wanted to portray the struggle for survival of both officials and regular residents and find a way for them to return to Earth. This popular show features many stars such as Robert Carlyle (Louis Ferreira), Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue and Patrick Gilmore.

The show’s tension and decline in viewers led to the producers deciding not to renew the series. However, they still have hope with the cliffhanger ending from the last season.

The show ended in an injured ship with crew members who need to jump to another dimension. The crew goes into an equilibrium state for the long journey.

Eli, however, must remain alert to his broken unit. Eli has just fourteen days to fix his unit before the life support system stops. Eli is now staring into space, his future uncertain.

Stargate Universe Season 3 Kickstarter Launch by a Fan

To finance season 3, a fan took to Kickstarter. The campaign sought to raise $ 27million to fund the season. However, it was not supported by any franchise members. The campaign did not reach its goal. Even though the campaign collected the money in a cagey affair, there was no announcement that the show would be returning. 

A comic to solve the Stargate Universe Cliffhanger

Stargate Universe: Back To Destiny, a comic called Stargate Universe: Back To Destiny, appeared in 2017 to solve the show’s cliffhanger. Louis Ferreira starred in the comic. The comic opened with Colonel Young, who demonstrates Eli’s failure to fix his unit.

Eli also discovers some hidden units and new characters. The tenet of the comic cannot be disputed, as the original creative team was absent. The fans may not be able to resolve the problem as the release of the next season is uncertain.

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