SEO for Doctors: 3 Proven SEO Strategies for Doctors

There is a massive shift that occurred in recent years in mobile searching for every single thing, whether you need a smartphone or home appliances; search engines work as an essential tool to do research.

Similarly, looking for a general physician or a specialist, all other media become second when Google, the most popular search engine service, is one click away. 

By typing a specific name of your medical issue, it will give multiple suggestions and several searches in front of you.

It’s also possible to find numerous doctors near your location that you don’t even know, but for most of the searchers, the first few results grab all the attention. And to attract more traffic to your website, search engine optimization-SEO is the ultimate solution. 

Decades ago, you needed to have references, connections, and word of mouth as a source to establish your clinic to practice medicine and facilitate patients.

Now, equipped with the proper marketing knowledge, time, and consistency, you can build and grow your physician website and can also quickly show up in the first few results of search engine Google. 

Appearing in the top search result of physicians’ websites didn’t happen overnight. Higher rankings require a systematic program of observing and constant configuring which might take a couple of weeks or even months.

Once your site gets stable with optimization, you can lead to a new stream of referrals and appointments; it will benefit in a longer time, ideally to all over your medical practice.

SEO for Doctors

Searching for a physician or doctor online search engines shows the result as per stock they have. For instance, general in-nature searches bring millions of results on click while those that are specific in nature give a little less.

Coming on the second, third page provides no benefit at all; searchers don’t have enough time to change pages for a specific search; they will change the word and phrase instead.

The goal you need to achieve is to be on the top three searches on the first page; this will generate more clicks, drive traffic to your physician website and earn other benefits too. 

enable them to build their career online with a reputation; not only this SEO facilitates doctors to yield the following benefits

  • Increase monthly revenue 
  • New patient appointments
  • Attract new patients with relevant keywords
  • Earn Physician reputation as leading one
  • Capture competitors web traffic 
  • Improve consultation practice via online website 

Most popular online searches patient made

SEO for doctors, your main task is to think for patients and prospective patients hold and what the most search they make online are.

Working in a hospital, you would also know for a fact which medical assistance they need as per the department’s difference; for instance, as a cardiologist, you would know what symptoms patients search for, etc.

Secondly, you also need to see the intent they made while searching which is possible through SEO strategy.

This aims to cater to keywords containing the probable intent of patients and will help to reach the potential patient. Not only help patients to find a doctor but also to answer their medical queries, natural remedies, and diet-related issues.

Known SEO Strategies for Doctors

After knowing what SEO can do for your physicians’ website and the marketing strategies it owns so, starts practicing these tips and techniques for doctors and medical practitioner and Witness The Benefits

Optimized search-locally  

Doctor nearby me’ seems to be the most common search patients made. This clearly indicates the patient’s preferences when seeking a doctor, so preferably use local SEO to optimize your physician/clinical website.

Searchers’ search location included in this type of searches adding your location in site, in title tags and other required fields help reaching more potential patients. 

The provided address should be the same everywhere, like your website, social media accounts, google maps, and any other online source.

Make New Content 

Though making your website rank higher and generate potential patients, do consider that search engines consider a number of aspects while ranking any website.

New, relevant, and original content, quality, and quantity of content, click and visit are all these factors that count before ranking on top.

A blog perhaps addresses most of these aspects so keep updating a new blog every week to ensure your website remains updated and among the top three on search engine result pages (SERPs).

This kind of blogging adds more pages to the website and attracts searchers from different geographical locations.

Topics that are mostly searched and the primary concern of patients are likely to get more clicks when optimized with proper keywords. Keywords help your web page to work efficiently and search to find the right advice and particular information with facts and scientific logic.

Your web content has to be unique and interesting enough to attract generic patients. 

Quality Links Connections

If a particular physician and medical professional research and studies are used as a reference on another site, it will build more credibility for that physician and their site and lead to a higher ranking in search engines.

Similarly, if your content gets a chance to link with reputable websites, your site will get raised, generate new content with advance and interactive tools and graphics are one of the ways to build references.

Involvement in an online platform, for instance, webinars, workshops, and discussions, etc. to increase online medical exposure. This is a lengthy process but worth the patience and consistency never fall into the trap of buying links.

It is a legal issue and will result in penalties which will eventually damage your reputation and ranking from the search engine platform. 

How SEO For Doctors Benefits Your Medical Practice?

People turn towards online search engines to find a doctor in their locality and somewhere reachable, representing that if you want to be known and reach them, you are required to increase searchability. Along with ranking high and attracting more potential patients to your web page, doctor SEO strategy has some other benefits too;

More Targeted Leads 

Search engines will provide you with millions of results upon searching a physician and doctor. But when it comes to searching for a doctor in some specific location (particular street, town, etc.) and to add the area of doctors’ specialization, you will see that thousands of million are becoming real low.

The choices will drop significantly upon adding the specific requirements now; the thing is SEO places you in front of your potential patients with the exact services you have to offer them ( be specific with updating the website with target keywords).

Because these are the leads that complement your practice in the best manner, chances of visiting your website get higher for seeking more information and becoming a patient who will eventually seek your medical expertise. 

Lower Cost with Higher Return 

Traditional ways of advertising were expensive, require a lot of effort, money, time, and result in inadequate reach which doesn’t last long. SEO services for doctors have altered this marketing feature.

With a noticeably lower cost now, you can extend the scope of your medical practices with a higher reach and also for an extended period of time. Ideally, if done right, you can enjoy for all throughout your practice.

SEO for doctors helps them to yield a relatively great return on investment than ever before, allows them to compete in a larger market, and gain more generic patients. 

Build Your Credibility 

Search engine results are ranked higher in a systematic way; it works in two steps, firstly how many people reach your website and how many clicks and visits it has.

Secondly are the visitors actually visiting the website by spending some time on the page or they immediately return back to search engine results to start over selecting a better option.

Ranking higher means you achieve the desired level and hence appear on top of search engine results. It builds trustworthiness and credibility on a virtual platform that lower rankers don’t get.

As a matter of fact, it is the ultimate credibility you gain by going up in ranks; people trust you more which is a compelling factor in selecting a doctor.


People are using internet search engines to find anything and so does it happen with finding a good doctor and physician. Optimized websites have a greater likelihood to attract more patients and rank higher than those who don’t follow any SEO techniques and tools.

If your intentions are to grow your online physician website, increase the web traffic and anticipate patients, a proper SEO marketing plan has to be adopted.

If you would need any assistance in improving your medical practices online, advance the visibility, and by means of SEO for doctors, don’t delay the process. SEO specialists are there for you to create a results-driven strategy to help you attract more patients online.

Attract more potential patients with SEO services for doctors that are available because it is the digital marketing tool that gives enormous benefits to your physician website

Yashik Patel
Yashik Patel is a Google Certified, Digital Marketing and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years experience in SEO, SEM and ORM (Online Reputation Management) field.

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