5 Actionable Things to Do Before Sending Message to a Hiring Manager

Sending a message to hiring manager can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’re applying for a job or trying to schedule an interview.

Putting your best foot forward and making a good impression is essential, but knowing exactly what to do to prepare can take time and effort.

In this article, we’ll outline five actionable things you can do before sending a message to a hiring manager to increase your chances of success.

These tips will help you stand out from the competition and show the hiring manager that you’re the right fit for the job. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what you can do to ensure your message is compelling and well-received.

1. Understand the Mission

Before sending the message, make sure you understand the company’s mission and how it’s different from your current job. You need to know what they’re trying to accomplish so that you can communicate effectively with them.

This is also important because it helps you determine whether this hiring manager is a good fit for your personality type and skill set, which will help ensure everything goes smoothly when working together as a team.

2. Do Research

Research is one of the most important things you can do before sending a message to a hiring manager. You need to make sure that you know their name, contact details, email address, and phone number. You need to find out what they like on social media to tailor your message accordingly.

It’s also essential to understand the company and the role you’re applying for before reaching out to the hiring manager.

Researching the company’s mission, values, and culture can help you tailor your message and show that you’re a good fit for the organization. Additionally, understanding the requirements and responsibilities of the role will help you highlight relevant skills and experiences in your message.

3. Find the Right Point of Contact

It is essential that you find the right point of contact for your message. For example, your message might go unnoticed if you send it to any random company mail id. Hence you must find the Hiring Manager’s official id to get the required attention to your message.

You can follow the below-given instructions to find the right point of contact for your message:

Look at the company website. The hiring manager’s email address is likely listed on the company website, so use this as your starting point. If you can’t find it, try searching for “Hiring Manager” in your preferred search engine and check out any relevant pages that come up (e.g., “Company Overview” or “About Us”).

Look at their LinkedIn page. LinkedIn has become an essential tool for many businesses because of its ease of use and ability to connect people with jobs they may be interested in pursuing or companies they might want to work for—and hiring managers are no exception!

You should also check out other social media accounts associated with your target company (like Twitter), which may have more information about what types of jobs are available within their organization than even LinkedIn does!

This can help narrow down which specific roles you should be targeting when sending messages out there via email—especially if there are multiple positions open across multiple departments/departments within one particular organization.”

4. Make it Concise and Impactful

You should keep your message short and to the point. This is especially important when writing a cover letter because it’s easier for a hiring manager to read through a series of long paragraphs than it is for them to absorb one or two sentences.

To do this, break up long sentences with bullet points or bolded text so that they’re easier for the reader (and yourself) to read.

You can also use italics or underlines where there’s an emphasis on certain words or phrases to not only make them stand out from everything else but also make sure that you keep sight of what makes your application unique from everyone else’s!

For example: “I would love working at XYZ company because…” instead of “…because I’m looking forward”

5. Do a Thorough Grammar Check

A good hiring manager will appreciate a well-written message. That’s why paying close attention to your grammar and spelling as you write the email is important.

You should also check for spelling mistakes in the email by using the spell check feature on whatever word processing software or text editor (like Microsoft Word) you use.

So, for example, if someone emails me from Gmail with “the” instead of “they,” I’ll know that person is probably not really interested in working for my company—or at least not very good at English!

Bonus Tip- Include a Personal Signature

Make sure to include a professional signature at the end of your message, including your name, title, and contact information. This makes it easy for the hiring manager to get in touch with you if they’re interested in learning more.

Moreover, it will showcase your professionalism and grab the undivided attention of the recruiter. Most candidates do not add a personal signature at the end, hence it will also make your message stand off from the crowd of your competitors.


In conclusion, you can take several important steps before sending a message to a hiring manager to improve your chances of success.

These include researching the company and position, tailoring your message to the specific role and company culture, proofreading your message for spelling and grammar errors, considering the tone and formatting of your message, and ensuring that you have a clear and specific purpose for reaching out.

By taking these actions, you can increase the likelihood that your message will be well-received and help you stand out as a strong candidate for the position.

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