Review of certifications in project management

The project management certifications have claimed to have the best possible place in every IT certification from the last few years and the best part is that such certifications are very much important for people to enjoy a prominent position in the industry.

The project management certification Chicago plays a very important role in the lives of the individuals and helps in making sure that they will become masters of soft skills and several other kinds of skills which will help in increasing their overall value.

Following are some of the very basic points reviewing the top certifications in the world of project management:

1. The certified associate in project management

This particular certification requires the people to do the high school diploma or associate degrees along with 1500 hours of experience and 23 hours of project management education.

The certification will be valid for five years and candidates must retake the exam to maintain the credential. The examination is available on the online proctor or center-based test format and comes with the cost of 2 to 5US dollars for the PMI members and US$300 for the non-PMI members.

2. Certified scrum master

This certification is based upon the general familiarity with the scrum and will be based upon completion of two-day CSM training courses because of which the prices will vary.

Some of the training providers are affiliated with project management institutes and candidates can even earn 14 professional development units for their PMI certification over here.

There is only one examination for this and the individuals need to answer 37 correct answers out of 50 to pass the examination in 60 minutes time limit.

3. Certified six sigma black belt

This particular certification is based upon completing the projects with a signed project affidavit and completion of one project with signed affidavit +3 years of experience in one or more areas of the Six Sigma body of knowledge.

This is a computer-based test in which candidates will have 165 questions with 4.5 hours and on the other hand the case of a paper-based test the candidates will be having 150 questions in four hours.

4. Project management professional

There is no requirement of any kind of course for this particular certification in the prerequisite skills will include for a degree along with 4500 hours in leading and directing the projects.

It will also include 35 hours of project management education for the individuals who need to have a secondary degree with a high school diploma degree and 7500 hours of leading and directing the projects and 35 hours of project management education.

The examination will be won and individuals have to answer 200 questions in four hours.

5. Associate in project management

This particular certification is considered to be the entry-level certification in the world of direct management and his globally recognized credential which further helps in making sure that candidates will become very much successful in the long run.

The examination will include 50 multiple-choice questions out of which the candidates need to score at least 70% to clear this examination and the duration of the exam will be one hour. There is no comprehensive prerequisite for this examination and the fees will be 300US dollars

6. Master Project manager

This is another very important certification that allows people to become professionals in this particular field only those who will be meeting the commission requirements of education, industry knowledge, experience, and ethics.

Not only project managers but individuals who have a business and technical responsibilities can also appear for this particular certification and the prerequisite is to have three years of project management experience along with training.

The best benefit is that different kinds of fee waivers are also available for the professionals who hold a master’s degree with other qualified people with training and experience.

The fee of this particular certification is also 300US dollars for the application, review, processing, initiation, and certification.

7. Certified project director

This particular certification is also globally recognized and is considered to be the most prestigious level of project management. This has been specifically designed for the senior and experienced people who are interested to become experts in the field.

It is mandatory to undergo a comprehensive E-course as a prerequisite for this particular certification.


The above-mentioned certifications are considered to be the best possible way of entering the world of project management so that individuals can fulfill their professional targets very easily.

To seek entry into the world of project management it is very much important for the candidates to be perfectly skilled which is only possible if they go with the option of indulging in a PMP course and help in fulfilling a different kind of eligibility criteria.

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