Top 4 Movies To Watch In 2022

1. Tron: Legacy

Set in a digital world created by a man named Kevin Flynn. A beautiful digital program and an artificial world with a design that will be sure to attract many wows, it is no wonder this is in the top 4 movies to watch.

The dark environment creates a great contrast between the people of the world and the structures. Most structures and people will have clothing with lights on them. Usually, the light colour of the person’s clothing signifies how stable they are, if they are bright orange, then this means that they are corrupt.

The main antagonist of the film is a clone of Kevin. Designed to assist in the creation and development of the world. But he gets corrupt and ends up wanting to colonize the world outside of the digital.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s son notices that his dad has gone missing and for 9 years, he couldn’t see his dad.

When suddenly Sam (Kevin’s son) makes his way to his dad’s old arcade and accidentally ends up in the digital world under the creation of his dad. Sam has the objective of taking him and his father out of the system. But Kevin must sacrifice himself in the name of his son and in the name of his creation.

The franchise for this film originally came out more than 20 years ago. Legacy is a 2010 extension of the film and it does everything perfectly. 

2. Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 is a great movie that mixes emotion with action, and it does it perfectly. It truly does deserve a place in the top 4 movies to watch.

The action-packed film features Peter Parker’s struggles and issues within his personal life, on top of having to deal with being spiderman. We get to see how Peter’s emotional struggles within his personal life. For an older movie, this still ranks as my personal favourite marvel film.

It was back when we could just focus on one hero at a time without being interrupted by another hero’s appearance in the film. Although it is great to see other heroes unite together, it is better to have one character to focus on, that is the name of the movie after all.

When Peter Parker’s emotional issues are at their worst, we start to see it affect his abilities when he suddenly loses his powers, resulting in a huge fall. As we progress through the movie, we see Peter get motivation and see that he has a source of inspiration to fuel it. Mary Jane has been captured by Dr Octopus.

3. The Hangover

The Hangover is a great movie that is about a group of lads who have a bit too much of a good time the night before. This is by far the funniest film in the top 4 movies to watch.

After awakening from a wild night out in Vegas, the group of guys discover that they don’t remember anything from the night before. They become even more shocked when they realise that their friend, who also happens to be getting married in a few days, is nowhere to be seen!

Things start to take a turn from the worst when a real tiger appears in their hotel bathroom, what the heck! Also, it turns out one of them got married during the night, and he prefers the woman that he has spontaneously married over his long-term controlling girlfriend.

Umm…. Is it awkward here or what? At the end of the film, it is discovered that one of the friends laced their drink with some drug that made them get absolutely blackout drunk. This movie is a top-tier comedy, and it is rated highly. Thankfully for you, there are an additional two films that follow the original. 

4. Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home is a great movie and it takes place after the events of Far From Home. At the end of Far From Home, Spider Man’s identity has been revealed to the public, and Peter is no longer known as Peter, but instead, he is known as spiderman.

Peter asks his magician friend to try and make everyone forget about it. But instead, he lets other people from other worlds into his reality. Some enemies will appear familiar to you if you have watched any of the previous films.

Dr Octopus appears, as well as Lizard, Sandman, and electro. A little further into the movie we get to see other Spider-Men enter the same reality to try and send the enemies back to their own homes.

The reveal of the other Spider-Men was truly a moment to remember as all of them have to fight together and it also happens to be the same actors from the old films. This movie is best enjoyed in high quality, click here to talk to a professional regarding TV wall mounting services.

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