Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That Will Save Your Time

The kitchen is the most crucial part of our houses. It is the mirror of the house, and it also shows the character of the owner.

Many people believe that if you keep your kitchen healthy, it gives you good health and prosperity to the house.

Well, somehow it is true because if the kitchen is dirty, then insects will not leave the place and the whole family has to suffer from illness.

But we all know kitchen cleaning is very time consuming and hard for women. We all have 24 hours only, and only women have to handle various things at that time.

So today, we are going to discuss Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That Will Save Your Time & Energy. Don’t worry, tips are straightforward, and everyone can follow it without any harm. So let’s begin.

Clean Microwave:

Instead of scrubbing the inside part of the oven and damaging it, you can use a simple technique that will clean your oven in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is nuke the squeezed lemon on the sticky part of the oven and steam it for a few minutes. After that, take a wet cloth and clean all the sticky parts.

It will remove the stickiness from the oven without damaging it. Isn’t it amazing?

Clean Vents Above Stove:

Vents cleaning is hard because everyone cannot take out time for vent cleaning due to which smoke gets stick on the vents, which attracts the other insects, and they may ruin your food.

So take a large stainless steel pot with water, add ¼ baking soda, and boil it. Now put your vent inside the boiling water and leave it for a minute.

If it is too sticky, then you can leave it up to 5 minutes. Now take out your vent and wash it with normal water. Now you can see the vent is cleaned and brand new.

Soak Utensils Before Washing:

It is not necessary that after having dinner or lunch, a person gets the time for dishwashing. So, in this case, after using the utensils, you can soak it with soapy water or with simple water.

It will keep the knives half clean, and food will not stick on the spoons. It is a more comfortable way to clean the utensils.

Make Kitchen Tiles New:

We all know that while cooking the thing which is getting very dirty are kitchen tiles on the walls. It is tough to clean them, and everyday cleaning is not possible.

To make it new again, you can sprinkle baking soda over the tiles and leave it for few minutes. Now take a spray bottle and fill it with cleaning vinegar and ¼ cup bleach.

Now sprinkle on the tiles and try to scrub it. You can feel that you don’t need to do so much hard work, and the tiles are cleaned quickly.

Clean Dish Washer:

Nowadays, people use a dishwasher to save time, but cleaning a dishwasher is also time-consuming. You can use the same vinegar liquid to clean the dishwasher and share it with others as well.

Kitchen Sponge Cleaning:

The sponge is mostly used to clean the plates and other utensils, but it is also mandatory to clean the sponge; otherwise, bacteria awake, and it will harm everyone.

You can clean the sponge in two ways: First is to take a glass of water, put a sponge inside it, and leave it on the microwave at a medium temperature to clean it.

The second option is to put it in the dishwasher for a long time to remove the stickiness and smell from it. Well, there is a third option where you can buy a new scrub as well.

Clean Chopboard:

After cutting the vegetables, usually, people wash the chop boards with normal water and keep it aside. But some of the scratches of knife and food colour get stick to it.

So in this scenario, you can take a lime mix it with baking soda and lukewarm water. Now leave the chopboard inside the vessel and leave it for up to 30 minutes.

After that, take a sponge or brush and normally brush it to remove the stains.

Shelf Cleaning:

The closed shelf is not so dirty, and it can be cleaned once or twice a year, but the open shelves get dirty earlier, and it is mandatory to clean them at least once a month.

It would help if you created a soapy liquid and spread it over the shelf for 15-20 minutes. After that, take a brush and clean it easily.

Well, some products are also available on the market to quickly clean the grease and oil stains. Still, if you cannot afford it, then baking soda, vinegar, and lime will work smoothly.

Clean Baking Vessels:

Baking is the second most favourite hobby of this generation. Still, they don’t know how to remove stains without harming vessels.

After baking, the bottom part will stick to the vessel, which is hard to remove. So if the dish gets burned, then throw out the food and soak the pan in a liquid or soapy liquid for at least 15-30 minutes.

Now mix the baking soda with soapy liquid and take aluminium foil and scrub it properly. It will clean the pan without harming it.

Clean Stove Burners:

Stove Burners are the most challenging thing to clean, and in the end, people are used to buying new stoves to get rid of these stove burners.

To clean the stove burners, take a Ziploc bag and fill it up with ¼ cup of ammonia; now, put the burner inside the bag and leave it overnight. The next day you can clean it with a wet towel.


To keep the house clean and germs free clean the kitchen twice a day. Just give 20 minutes to live a healthy life.

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