Easy instagram post ideas to level up your instagram game

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a popular social media network boasting over 1 billion active monthly users. This provides businesses the scope of connecting with their potential customers in an easy way.

In fact, it would be correct to say that Instagram is no longer a social media platform but even a place where people can discover brand new products, connect with favorite brands and even shop the things they require.

But simply posting normal videos and images will not be of any use for marketers and businesses. It is important to be exclusive and offer followers highly creative content not available anywhere else.

You must create your Instagram posts in such a way that they build brand awareness, boost engagement, and offer quality. Do not make the blunder of breaking what is working for you. But always try out new Instagram post ideas so you can attract more and more viewers.

Below, you will find a complete list of some of the most wonderful Instagram post concepts that will help you ace your Instagram game. Let’s dive in and find these ideas without wasting any time.

Give Audiences a Break by Going the Unusual Way

Remember, people are quite busy in their lives, and they need to keep rushing here and there. It would not be easy for them to stick to the mundane posts that keep coming up from your end in such circumstances.

So, instead of posting usual images and videos, go for videos and puzzles that make the audience pause and give a thought to your post. It always makes good sense to create Instagram posts reflecting your business value.

You can use different animation and graphical effects for creating posts that drive engagement. Make sure the posts that you are going for have some kind of similarity with the posts you have published earlier. This way, the audiences will know what they can expect from your business.

And this also helps in building brand recognition!

Go for Contests & Giveaways

Why not start your Instagram post with something that the viewers generally love: giveaways and competitions. Gamifying content on Instagram is one clever way of getting good results within a very short span of time. Put simply, nobody in this world can resist a contest.

Contests are always one of the best ways of arousing engagement on an Instagram account. If you go this way, it will help you grow your audience and get more eyeballs rolling on the products and services you are offering.

When running contests and giveaways, make sure to have prizes relevant to the audience. This will help you in attracting the perfect leads or entries to the contest. Setting clear rules or guidelines for the different contests you run on Instagram will also bring in good results in the long run.

Take on Recurring Challenges

Recurring challenges can be a monthly, weekly, or daily occurrence. As a business, it is completely upon you to decide on how often you are looking to deal with the challenge. Nevertheless, when going with this idea, it is necessary that you either create challenges that make proper sense or look for the pre-existing challenges.

You must have in mind when having challenges on your Instagram account that the videos you are making should follow a similar format. You can even go for a format that motivates the audience to participate and post their very own take on the image challenge.

You even have the option of using exclusive Instagram hashtags for driving engagement with the challenge. You can use instagram reels to create engaging content for your Instagram account as it will help you encourage engagement, saves, and shares. These are all significant metrics required for growing the reach of your Instagram account.

Deal in How-To Content

If you are on the lookout for the right pots that will help you increase Instagram visibility, it will be a great idea to offer valuable content to audiences. This is considered one of the most well-known and effective ways to drive engagement on the posts and establish your brand as an industry expert.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you are doing. You always have this option of using some kind of how-to videos to provide value to the audience. For instance, the food and beverage businesses have the option of sharing recipe visuals.

If you are serving the beauty industry, you can go for product tutorials to guide the audiences on the right way of using the products you are offering. Your video can also be about the different innovative and new ways of using the products on offer.

Go for Product Teasers: They Work

If you are launching a certain new service or product, it will be a good idea for you to use Instagram posts and Stories to drive interest instead of announcing the new products directly.

Try building anticipation among the viewers by going for teaser question stickers, videos, and images of the products on offer. For example, if you create new recipes, you can provide images or videos of your ingredients for teasing your new drink.

Remember, the teaser posts on Instagram can give a complete timeline of what to expect from the announcement. So, you must put a proper mental note in the minds of the audiences so they will keep checking back for releases on your end.

There is no need to make mysterious posts to create hype. You always have the option of collaborating with the influencers to perfectly time your product releases. Get the influencers talking about the features of your products, or you can even use question stickers and polls for creating engagement among the followers.

The Bottom Line

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating Instagram posts that can take your Instagram game higher. You can try out some of the most effective and interesting ideas or use a combination of a few of them for revamping your Instagram feed and for getting more engagement and followers.

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