How to Clean a Mousepad Without Damaging It

The best way to clean a mousepad is to make soap water put your Mousepad in the bucket for a few hours, and then rinse it with fresh water. Well, the trick is simple, but it won’t work on every Mousepad.

Some stinks won’t go with normal soap water; you need to brush it, but it may ruin the Mousepad. So cleaning Mousepad without damaging it is quite difficult but possible with a few details.

Before we move further with a clean Mousepad without damaging it, we need to understand the material of mousepads.

There are various types of mousepads that people are using. You need to identify your type and use the technique to wash the Mousepad. So let’s know about the mousepads in detail.

Types of Mousepads:

There are mainly five types of mousepads available in the market, and each of the washing techniques is different from the others. So please read the article carefully to understand how to clean a mousepad without damaging it.

  1. Ergonomic Mousepads
  2. Gaming Mousepads
  3. Textured Mousepads
  4. RGB Mousepads
  5. Razer Chroma Mousepads

Ergonomic Mousepad:

Ergonomic Mousepads are made up of padding layers for the comfort of the wrist. The padding layers are adjusted wisely to reduce pressure on wrist tendons during usage. It is comfortable to use and easily washable.

Gaming Mousepad:

The gaming mousepads are made up of plastic material which improves the gaming experience and is cheaper to buy. Washing a gaming mousepad is easy and quick to avoid surface damage.

You can wash the gaming mousepad on the dishwashing machine. Or soak it with normal soap water to remove the stains, but don’t put it in the washing machine; it will ruin the surface.

Textured Mousepads:

Textured mousepads are made up of fabric layers or low-density rubber that can wash easily, but it may be possible to lose its quality.

The Textured mousepads are made up of leather, plastic, silicone rubber, cork, or wood. The process of cleaning them is different and following the steps properly makes the process easy and efficient.

How to Clean Mousepad in Dishwasher?

Most people used to clean mousepads in dishwashing machines, washing machines, or soap water to clean them immediately.

Some hard stains won’t go with hard detergent powder on some materials, or sometimes it damaged the material. So to wash it properly, follow the below steps and make it work.

  • Step 1: Throw the dirty Mousepad in the dishwashing machine and add a dash of detergent powder or regular soap.
  • Step 2: Set the dishwashing machine to low, tumble, and cold to clean it properly.
  • Step 3: After the air-drying process, leaves the Mousepad for 24 to 36 hours before using it.

How to Clean Electric Mousepad?

Well, such Mousepad is specially used for gaming purposes. The gaming mousepad is not cheap, and they contain some electrical components, so it is not easy to clean the gaming mousepad without damaging it.

Washing the gaming mousepad with water is damaging the electrical components and makes the Mousepad useless.

Here is the answer to cleaning the mousepad without water and it works. Go to the store and purchase multipurpose cleaners or multipurpose wipes to clean the mousepads.

  • Step 1: Sprinkle multipurpose cleaner on a cotton cloth and make it wet to clean the Mousepad.
  • Step 2: Now, gently took the Mousepad and cleaned it with a wet cotton cloth. Do it gently.
  • Step 3: Keep it aside to make it dry completely and use it when it is dry.
  • Step 4: You can use multipurpose wipes directly on the Mousepad and clean it. Just put it aside to make it dry and at least give it 24 hours before using it.

All the above steps can also be followed for the RGB mousepad.

How to Clean Neoprene Mousepad:

Neoprene is a natural rubber that comes with non-skid properties; thus, don’t wash the mousepad with alcohol or cold water. It is mandatory to follow the instructions; otherwise, the mousepad will damage.

  • Step 1: Fill the bowl with warm water, add a few drops of mild cleanser, and stir to mix it.
  • Step 2: Dip the sponge into the solution and brush over the neoprene side of the Mousepad. Brush it gently so it won’t damage the material and easily remove the stains.
  • Step 3: Rinse the water with fresh water and leave it until it dries.

How to Clean Fabric Mousepad:

Fabric/Cloth mousepads are not easy to clean. Many people recommend that it is better not to clean such mousepads on the washing machine. You can clean it by yourself with your hands, and it will damage the material as well. So just let’s follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Take a bowl and add a few drops of liquid soap and fill it with warm water.
  • Step 2: Stir the solution and mix it. Make sure the water will be lukewarm instead of boiling it.
  • Step 3: Take a brush and gently apply the solution on both sides of the Mousepad to clean it properly. Clean the mousepads properly and efficiently to remove all the stains.
  • Step 4: Now clean it with fresh lukewarm water. If possible, then replace the water 2-3 times to clean the Mousepad properly.
  • Step 5: Now, keep it aside to make it dry and use it after 24 hours.

You can use the above steps to clean Ergonomic Mousepads, maintain the temperature of lukewarm water and use the solution that needs.

How to Clean Razer Chroma Mousepads:

The Razer Chroma mousepads are gaming mousepads, so before cleaning them, just disconnect them with a USB port and use a cotton swab or soft cloth. First, detach it with a USB port and then clean it while avoiding the electric parts in the mousepads.


Several types of mousepads are available in the market today, and each of them has different techniques for cleaning. All the above steps are proven. If you find some new techniques, then don’t forget to share them with us.

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