How to Play Game Pigeon and what is the Alternative to this Game?

You can play the game Pigeon on your smartphone by downloading it for Android and iOS. It is a game you may play with your friends or groups of friends, depending on the setting.

With the help of the following parts, I will explain the process of downloading and using the game Pigeon on an Android smartphone. 

How do you download Game Pigeon? 

It takes some effort to install Game Pigeon on an Android smartphone. To link your iMessage account to an APK on your phone, you must first create an iMessage account on a Mac computer.

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Just recall that there are a few prerequisites you must fulfill on both your Mac and the Android phone you will be using:

  • You need the latest macOS version
  • Android Operating System that is higher up to 5.0

Update your Mac’s OS: 

  • Open system preference 
  • Software update
  • If there’s a newer version of your device, update it.

Update your Android’s OS:

  • Open the setting app > About Phone
  • Click on software update
  • Tap the available firmware file

After that, here’s part one of what you need to do (follow these steps on your Apple desktop): 

  • Go to the Apple ID website and create an Apple ID account
  • Link the account to your phone number
  • Open the messages app 
  • Enter the Apple ID details

How to make a game pigeon function most effectively? 

Yes! You can use the iMessage game on Android. But there’s a simple technique. Start a fresh iMessage for a buddy and click the OK App Store button. Four grey dots represent your device’s four installed apps. GamePigeon should be selected.

Is it possible to play the game pigeon for Android and iPhone users?

If you genuinely want the iMessage game for Android, you should first be aware of the reality. As is common knowledge, applications are downloaded and installed onto Android devices via the Google Play store, while iOS devices do so via the Game Centre.

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As a result, iOS and Android users can no longer play together, at least not in the current context. However, there may be specific upgrades in the future that alter their multiplayer capabilities, preventing cross-platform play between Android and iPhone users. So there is hope; there is a way.

Will Android and iOS work together? 

The number of games created using cross-platform mobile app development is too high. Users of both iOS and Android devices may play these games on their mobile devices. You may play multiplayer games on iOS and Android.

Can You Access Game Pigeon on Android?

If you wish to play the game Pigeon on your Android smartphone, you may do so even if you have an Android or an iOS device. You may play Game Pigeon with your friends because it is a multi-player game.

I had to do a lot of studying before I found a solution for Android users who are new to this game. I’ll lay out the steps so you can follow along while you go through the drawn-out and tiresome process of installing it on your Android smartphone. Here are a few steps to download the game Pigeon on your smartphone.

  • Visit the official website to download the application. 
  • Make an effort to use the Java Development Kit 9. 
  • Download the Mac OS from it. 
  • Before downloading a macOS file from the browser, you must enable the settings to run macros and macro files.
  • The terminal command must also be permitted to run. 
  • You can now execute the command.
  • You must enter an email when you run the command. That should be the same as in Mac OS.
  • Enter your password, then your email address.
  • Link your Android device to your Mac. You must read the message from the downloaded application.
  • Put your Mac’s IP address into the server to log in. Type in the ID and password as well.

What games can Android and iPhone users play together?

The next top games are available for play with Android and iPhone users:

  • Spaceteam 
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Pokemon GO
  • Real Racing
  • Muffin Knight 
  • Modern Combat6
  • Super Stickman Golf2 
  • Draw Something 

What is the alternative to Game Pigeon?

On Android, live multiplayer gaming is available via third-party apps. You can play over a hundred online games on the Hago app, which you can find on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Although inviting friends to use the app is more complex than asking them to use iMessage group chat because everyone must download the third-party app separately from their favorite messaging service, it does have certain advantages.

Hago has an extensive user base that extends beyond a user’s acquaintances. That implies third-party gaming software could be the best option for competitive gaming.

Plato, like Hago, lets users play with friends or have other players paired with them. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store offer Telegram X for download. Play games and send texts to friends with it.

At some point, everyone had a Facebook account. Most individuals use it to keep in touch with friends and family. You may also play games on it. The variety of games on Facebook is fantastic. Either by yourself or with a pal, you may play.


Have you figured out how to download a game pigeon to your Android device? Please let us know if Pigeon helped you to acquire the proper knowledge by sharing your experiences with it on your Android device.

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