Five Timeless Fashion Staples Every Woman Should Have

“The concept of having staple pieces with clean, basic lines, and adding accessories to funk it all up is one that applies to both fashion and decorating. There are so many parallels.” –Jeremiah Brent.

Building a wardrobe is never easy, but you must begin with the staples to commence your fashion endeavor. Staples are those fashion items you should never scrimp on, as these are the pieces that would make any ensemble work. Their simplicity transcends any trendy and current style as they can be worn as they are or with your favorite statement fashion pieces. Undoubtedly, fashion trends will come and go, but these essential pieces will stay forever.

Your closet can have many clothing pieces from every fashion fad, but it would be rendered incomplete should it ever miss any of the timeless staples. From the trusty white tee to your go-to blue denim jeans, these are the articles of clothing that hold your ensemble together to make a cohesive fashion statement. Similarly stated, these are the building blocks of the ideal wardrobe. So, survey your closets and see if you can find the pieces below present in your wardrobe.

1.)   A plain white tee

This classic should never be missing from your closet. Regardless of the fit, the cut, and whether it is round or v-neck, you can never go wrong with it. Think of the plain white tee as a white canvas to your overall ensemble, which you can utilize to dress up or dress down any way you wish. This versatile and iconic piece is the epitome of casual and comfort wear—the ideal selection for whenever you do not feel like giving your ensemble too much thought.

2.)   Fitted Blue Jeans

Fitted Blue Jeans

Fitted jeans will never go out of style. This essential piece should be in your closet for innumerable reasons, and one of them is that it is the best article of clothing for casual wear. Be sure that you would find a good pair that would flatter your figure and fits you like a glove. You may find your favorite team at any wholesale coogi store.

3.)   Little Black Dress

No self-respecting woman who is a fashion enthusiast would ever have a wardrobe sans the iconic little black dress. This timeless fashion staple is a must in every woman’s closet as it is an incredibly versatile piece you can use for casual and formal events. This is that one dress that would achieve a sophisticated yet laid-back look. You can aim to look sharp without being too dressy. Paired with your favorite stilettos, and it can be that show beauty and arresting dress for night outs, pair it with a cardigan and regular flats, and it can be something you can wear to the office.

4.)   Leather Jacket

leather jacket

Seasons will not always agree with you, and for this reason, you would need a fashionable leather jacket to keep you protected from the rain. It keeps your look comfortable and casual, and incredibly stylish. Please do not use them in warm seasons, though, as you can get hot underneath.

 5.)   Pencil Skirts

A very leggy woman would have at least five of these in her closet, but that does not mean that you should not have one if you are anywhere near as leggy. This fashion piece is considered a staple because it is the perfect outfit for any affair—it is as versatile as your plain white shirt with a touch of femininity. It is ideal for dinner dates, business meetings, or even casual walks. It goes well with most blouses, blazers, and camisoles making this a must in your closet.

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