Ecommerce Product Page Best Practices to Drive Conversion

When a visitor lands on any e-commerce store, and rambles around the several pages and finally clicks on the products. Indeed, this is a moment of truth for any e-store!

For real-time sales conversion, one needs well-designed e-commerce websites. And the product pages ought to have attractive and well-planned content to improve the coherence factor.

There are many businesses that provide e-commerce SEO services and these services help generate traffic and boost sales. Ecommerce SEO service businesses have helped many e-commerce startups in getting a strong footing early on.

It is significant to keep the e-commerce website simple and manageable content yet engaging. The product pages should have all the necessary info about the selling items but not too much information.

Because visitors are unable to feel, touch, or try out your products they are buying, so it is the content and design of the product pages that decides whether or not a user converts into a customer.

Therefore, a product page should have strategically designed content to target relevant audiences and get more traffic engagement. Eventually, this will lead to sales conversion. To proffer help for your e-commerce store, we have crafted a few best strategies to drive more traffic and conversion.

Use Clear and Large Product Images

It is research-proven that online users spend more time on large and clear images than its content description. So, here are a few tips to improve e-commerce product pages

It is a fact that your product picture tells about its features visually to the users, so use high resolution and high-quality zoomable product images.

Upload more than one photo of your product, covering various angles and look of the products.

Pictures have a prominent influence on the overall UX/UI of any e-commerce website. Photos of the product should have minimum download time because everyone does not have a fast internet facility.

Add Striking CTA

During strategy planning of any e-commerce product page, CTA (Call to Action) button stands at the top. The CTA is the gateway towards sales conversion and converts a shopper into a buyer.

Always use the CTA button on the e-commerce product page to get more engagement and conversion.

A Call to Action should be at the bottom of the cart or buy button. It should have a defined design, so it enforces the user/visitor to act. It is significant to know about design and colors because different colors have different meanings in distinct cultures. So, choose neutral colors for the CTA button.

When choosing the text, be mindful of its meaning as some phrases have diverse interpretations in various countries. For instance, check how Amazon adjusts the Call to Action text on its UK and US websites and stick to the local language.

Create Exigency

The most used and effective marketing strategy is creating urgency or scarcity for e-commerce products. For instance, products that are quickly selling out can make visitors convert faster. That is why creating exigency of products is one of the most powerful conversion tactics.

For creating a sense of urgency, one needs to be vigilant and plan well as per trends.

For example, the last sale hour, two days left only of the sale, and only a few items left are some marketing strategies we see often, and they are converting as well.

Jazz Up Product Page with Videos

It is a fact that customers are unable to feel or touch the product. So a demo video of the product is an ideal option to display all its features and specifications.

One more significant thing is that videos can replay several times and get more traffic and reach. You can add instructional videos if you are selling such products.

Compare Rates

It is a research-proven fact that numbers have a powerful impact on buyers and customers. If your e-store is offering discounts, show the comparison prices with strikethrough on older prices.

It will help the buyers to evaluate their saving on purchasing the products. You can display price differences in percentages as well. And customers or visitors will feel more valued.

The well-planned marketing strategy does now give a bit chance to their visitors to leave from their e-store. Place the rates and pricing details with other information near to CTA button. The technique will trigger the buyer’s purchasing decision.

Add Customer Reviews and Trust Badges

With the increase in online businesses, fraud is also increasing at similar rates. It is crucial for e-commerce stores and websites to practice reliability and trust with their buyers.

Therefore, highlighting social media mentions, combining a short guarantee message, or presenting trust seals or protection logos not only increase conversion rates but improves the trust and confidence of buyers.

Final Thoughts

In the digital era, a larger market segment has shifted to online buying.

And to get more reach, engagement, and conversion, one needs to strategize e-commerce product pages as per current marketing trends and needs. Each e-commerce website and store is distinctive with different products, target audiences, and specializations.

So, be unique and cherry-pick your marketing strategies from existing ones to get more conversions.

Yashik Patel
Yashik Patel is a Google Certified, Digital Marketing and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years experience in SEO, SEM and ORM (Online Reputation Management) field.

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