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How To Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Reels?

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Instagram Reels have been the ‘talk of the town’ among the digital marketers since the time it was launched. This feature was introduced by Instagram globally in August 2020.

Since then, it has become a massive hit as marketers have to craft their strategy for reels. Instagram Reels had started to witness a reasonable engagement rate since its very beginning days.

Hence, it has prompted marketers to turn their heads towards this new short-video feature.

Today, within the period of one year since its launch, Reels is leading as the most consumed content on Instagram by outpacing other sections such as IGTV and Instagram Stories.

This shows how much people are glued to Instagram Reels. So, every marketer is looking to create engaging reels for his brand. In this article, I will showcase the ways to craft scintillating reels.

Magnify The Specifications

Instagram Reels are videos of shorter duration that could last up to a maximum of 30 seconds.

So, you cannot give a complete outlook of your brand or product when it comes to brand promotions. Hence, you should focus on showcasing a specific feature considering its duration.

This also has its very own benefits. Bringing various specifications in a single video may make it hard for the viewer to remember everything that has been spoken about. Covering a single topic will easily get it etched in the memory of the viewer.

So, a marketer has to understand this characteristic of this feature and promote his brand accordingly. So, if you are thinking of advertising a product, consider its significant and unique feature.

Find out the feature that could be the selling point and could quickly grab the people’s attention. Then, create reel video highlighting this specific feature.

This will avail benefits to your brand. So, don’t try to convey a wide range of topics within a reels video.

Don’t Underestimate The Background Tracks

The background music you add to your reels videos plays a considerable role in making people keep watching it and stop them from skipping it.

Let me explain in a simple way how important is the background score you choose. Take a reels video that you found to be interesting. Now, mute it and start watching it again. It will not be as intriguing as it looked when you had watched it for the first time.

This simple tryout will help you easily find out how the background music amplifies the quality of a video. Fortunately, Instagram has its music library, where you can find a wide range of music track collections.

So, go through the tracks of the various music genres and find the one that could be a perfect fit for your video. I stress the importance of background music because everyone is talking about creating visually appealing content.

None talks about how important the background tracks are. Hence, very minimal efforts go into researching the background score. While conceptualizing, give vital importance to the background score as it will play a crucial role in making content look engaging.

Sprinkle Emotions On Reels

The content that could establish an emotional engagement with the viewer can turn into a huge hit. Moreover, crafting emotionally engaging content can remain in people’s memory for a more extended period.

Thus, it will result in making your brand remembered for a longer time. So, contemplate creating emotionally rich content that aligns with your brand voice.

If you find it difficult to craft such content, focus on the purpose your product serves. For instance, if you are trying to create content for a whey protein powder, come up with a video about how a person feels motivated and his self-esteem improved on seeing the muscle he built after consuming the powder.

Such videos can easily strike a chord with the target audience and drive them to make a purchase. Thus, the ultimate goal of promoting your product can be accomplished easily. Considering the shorter duration of the reels videos, keep them shorter.

Pick The Influencers Wisely

Before the launch of Reels, duration was not a major concern for the influencers. Since Reels have a duration of only 30 seconds, the duration constraints pose a challenge to some influencers who have been on Instagram for a long time now.

So, before picking an influencer, have a glimpse at his reels videos. If you find them to be intriguing, then you can collaborate with him. Because knowing to create engaging reels video is pivotal for an influencer.

The usage of reels keeps on increasing day after day. So, only if an influencer promotes a product through reels, can it reach a wider audience.

You can also take advantage of the Instagram Influencer dashboard, which makes picking an influencer easier.

The dashboard has almost all the essential data about an influencer, such as his post engagement, follower demographics, and other information.

So, don’t decide to choose influencers by taking references from external sources, as Instagram itself provides accurate data about the influencers on its platform.

Considering the growing demand for influencers, Instagram has come forward and made such a move. On TikTok, the platform provides multiple ways for influencers to market them. For example, influencers can buy TikTok likes to drive traffic to their videos.

Showcase Your Backdrop

People always have a huge love towards knowing how the products they use are manufactured. They have curiosity towards seeing the various processes involved in creating the end-product.

So, you can come up with a reels video on how your products are manufactured. In such a manner, you can drive more people and improve your brand reach.

You can utilize the speed controls options such as slow-motion or fast motion options while creating such videos. Stop-Motion can also be used for such content.

You can also show your office environment, how the management maintains a healthy relationship with its employees.

For example, during these times of pandemic, you can showcase how your company employees maintain social distance, wearing masks, etc. Such moves will create a good name for your brand among your target audience.

Thus, your value will improve. So, showcasing your office atmosphere has its own benefits as it helps to enhance your brand image.

Explore Effects And Remix

The content creators always laud Instagram for the wide range of effects the platform has on it. Many people used to add filters to the photos or videos after effects become a significant hit on Instagram.

So, explore the vast range of the effects that are available on this platform. Make use of the effect that aligns with your content. Effects play an essential role in transferring the emotions you intend to convey through your content.

On the other hand, Instagram also has a handful of AR effects. You can also make use of them in your content.

AR effects can help you to grab people’s attention quickly. Thus, making use of these two features in your reels can make them intriguing.

Instagram’s remix is similar to TikTok’s duet. Some may buy TikTok auto views to improve their engagement rate when they try out duet content.

Instagram is known for adding new features to it consistently. Over the period, the platform has undergone a dramatic transformation. Recently, Instagram launched the remix feature.

The feature allows two people to collaborate in the same video. This feature can easily make the feature look engaging. Moreover, it also gives ideas to create unique content.

For example, you can collage your new reels video along with any of your past content. In such a manner, you can also remind people about your past content.

Have A Look At Others

If you are stumbling to create a reel video, along with all the tactics that are given above, I will provide you with another valuable tactic. Have a look at how others are creating reels.

If a reels video has caught your attention and seems fascinating to you, then you can extract insights from it.

Try to spot the factors that made the reels video engaging to watch. Thus, watch as many reels videos as possible. Subsequently, you will learn how to create reels that could be intriguing to watch.

For brands, they can look at the reel videos of their competitors or companies that are similar to them. This will aid them to a greater extent as they can develop videos along the same lines as that of the competitors.

So, you should look around and know how people are creating reel videos. By doing so, you can also learn how to utilize the features of the reels effectively. Hence, gain the necessary knowledge by watching the reels video from other creators.

Wrapping Up 

The consumption of Instagram Reels is predicted to increase further in the coming times. Marketers have stated that the future of social media marketing relies on shorter-duration videos.

Notably, Generation Z and Millennials, the dominant age groups on social media, are interested in watching only minimal duration videos. Hence, based on these data, Reels will gain much more importance soon.

Moreover, it can also add new features to Reels as it recently added the remix feature. Utilize the tactics that are given above as it will help you in creating scintillating reels videos.