Antivirus or VPN: which solution to choose for security?

Faced with the many threats of computer hacking that currently exist, it is necessary to install good protection software on your computer (or a connected mobile device).

For this, many Internet users use antivirus software to protect their confidential information. But unfortunately, an antivirus alone is not enough for protecting one’s privacy and sensitive data online.

If you want optimal security, you have to combine it with a VPN.

Antivirus: an essential tool

As the name suggests, an antivirus is security software that identifies, blocks, and/or removes a malicious application, something a VPN does not. The term malware refers to all software that attempts to modify the operation of a device without the consent of its owner.

This is the case, for example, with spyware that monitors and retrieves everything you do on the Internet. We also find the very common case lately of viruses which use the capacity of your computer, for various purposes.

This retrieved information will then be sent to a private server that belongs to the hacker. This is also the case with advertising viruses that automatically open web pages to display advertisements… etc.

This malware are first installed on the victim’s computer before being executed automatically with a healthy application or when the operating system starts up.

The main task of the antivirus is therefore to detect them and prevent them from functioning normally. The antivirus thus acts as a shield that monitors all the programs running on your computer or smartphone or use good vpn for mac.

VPN: a great addition to your security

The Virtual Private Network is more concerned with securing the data sent and downloaded when using the Internet. Unlike the antivirus, it can encrypt the computer flows exchanged on the Internet.

But why? Currently, all that is needed is software that can easily be found on the Internet to listen to and decrypt all computer packets exchanged by a network client and server.

It is therefore a process available to anyone, and it is possible to recover all the personal information uploaded and downloaded by the victim.

Through the use of a VPN, all inbound and outbound communications are encrypted. These will therefore be uninterpretable and reusable, and that by anyone.

Antivirus or VPN? Both!

VPN (Virtual Private Network) and antivirus do not have the same roles but complement each other perfectly. Indeed, using an antivirus to be safe on the internet is not enough.

Many threats cannot be avoided with the single use of an antivirus. We think for example of your protection when you use the Internet on Wi-Fi networks for example.

Whether at the airport, in a restaurant or at the hotel, your antivirus will not prevent you from having your bank details stolen.

This is the case with VPN, which will allow you to be completely anonymous on the Internet. First of all thanks to the fact that it will change your IP address. Thanks to its secure tunnel system, and its various encryption systems, you will not have to worry about your data (passwords, banking data, browsing habits, etc.).

Also most of the big providers like Cyber Ghost, ExpressVPN or NordVPN offer a kill switch function. It will allow you to never divulge your real IP address, even in the event of the unforeseen, such as a connection cut to your VPN server.

Most also agree not to keep any log of the activities carried out through their service. No one will therefore be able to collect any information about you, not even your government!

You will navigate the Internet like a submarine, out of sight of others, avoiding all dangers.

To enjoy optimal and complete protection, we recommend that you use paid software because not only are they more secure, they also offer many very interesting features.

The safest solution, you will understand, is to combine the use of an antivirus and a VPN. First of all because they have additional functionalities, but above all because they will allow you to ensure your security, in different ways.

Our VPN recommendations

After having been able to explain to you what the use of an antivirus and a VPN can bring you, it is time to present you some solutions.

As you will understand, the optimal solution for your security is to combine antivirus and VPN. Without further ado, here are our recommendations in terms of Virtual Private Network.


If you are looking for the best VPN to support your antivirus, ExpressVPN should be considered your number one option.

The supplier is indeed the benchmark on the market today. Due to its speed, security, the quality of its applications and also its customer support, it will be your best ally.

In addition to that, it is possible to test it for free for 30 days. Thanks to the satisfaction or money-back guarantee put in place by ExpressVPN, you will be able to enjoy the best VPN! It would be silly to miss this opportunity.


Our second recommendation is the NordVPN provider. Based in Panama, he will provide you with foolproof security.

It undertakes to keep no trace of your activities, in addition to being the only one to allow double VPN type protection. The purpose of this is to mask your IP address twice. To put it simply, your IP address will be changed the first time through a NordVPN server, then will be changed a second time by connecting to a second server of the company.

So it makes sense to find it in our list of the most secure VPNs.


To end on our recommendations for the most complimentary VPNs to your antivirus, we have CyberGhost.

The supplier is one of the references in the field with several million users under its banner.

It owes this success to an offer that could not be more complete, with a large number of servers, countries covered, but also very good quality applications.

Like its predecessors, it has the advantage of being available free of charge for 30 days, with the help of a money-back guarantee. All you need to do is subscribe to a CyberGhost offer and request a refund as that period approaches.

Yashik Patel
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