6 Blockchain Based Chat Messenger Apps to Try

Blockchain technology has completely transformed the way of doing business in the modern era.

It has presented the enhanced levels of security and efficiency in transactions across the world. For a long, companies around the world had been focusing on achieving new ways to cater to the need for privacy, data security, and easy to deploy systems to keep their internal functioning private.

Not the corporates only but the whole private sector shares this concern. Such concern for privacy and demand for personal instant communication inspired the emergence of encrypted messaging applications like Telegram and WhatsApp.

It is clear that Blockchain technology is going to change the way we communicate, and the messaging apps built on Blockchain platforms are set to revolutionize the means of communication.

Blockchain-based messengers are being introduced rapidly, and multiple platforms have been entering the market to transform the way we interact or communicate with each other.

So, let’s discuss the most promising Blockchain-based messaging platform currently functional.


A Blockchain-based messaging app created by Radical App with a strong focus on enhancing privacy and security that presents multiple features that ensures the protection of your identity.

One of its significant virtues is that the app provides timed deletion of your messages, which means that your messages will self-destruct after a pre-determined time (up to 24 hours). And, once the message is deleted, there is no possible way to recover it.

Another great feature of this app is that it offers anti-screenshot protection, preventing other users from snapping conversations. The Dust received massive media attention at the time of its launch due to the unique features it provides. It is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.


The app offers more than just messaging and performs lot more functions than a simple messenger program. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, e-Chat also processes Ethereum transactions, and it also consists of a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet.

e-Chat is equipped with a content creation section that allows users to upload content and introduce their subscription channels. The content creators can receive tips and rewards from other users via e-Chat’s native ECHT token, and the best creator can earn profits from their work.

The app also allows free group calls with up to ten people sharing a connection. the e-Chat app supports both Android and iOS mobile platforms.


Status is a highly privacy-focused and Blockchain-based messenger that utilizes the Ethereum Platform. The app provides end-to-end encrypted in-app messages with Whisper Protocol.

Status ensures opening up all links inside a built-in browser in privacy mode so that no one can get to know which site you have visited recently. Status comes equipped with an Ethereum wallet that allows you to make transactions using ERC-20 tokens, and the app also provides tracking transactions on the Blockchain.

Ensuring more transparency, Status use open-source code. Status presents an all-in-one solution that facilitates chatting, browsing, and transacting in real-time.


BeeChat is a South Korean app used for chatting and sending audio and videos and is built on a Blockchain technology platform that aims to secure your communications.

BeeChat involves an ecosystem of Blockchain-based applications, and Blockchain apps being based on Ethereum and EOS makes BeeChat a cross-chain compatible app. BeeChat comes with community-building features like Telegram. BeeChat is a cross-section of Blockchain-based apps, offer to message, and cryptocurrency wallet.

BeeChat is available and compatible with both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.


Utilizing the Graphene Blockchain platform to provide you with a secure and extremely private messaging experience, Echo is a Blockchain-based messaging application capable of sending receiving multimedia messages with the benefit of end-to-end encryption of media streaming.

This decentralized platform facilitates users to send crypto-currency based payments directly to another user from within the app. Echo utilizes a protocol named IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), which is specially designed to facilitate quicker messaging. Echo, unlike other Blockchain-based messaging apps, eliminates the need to access Blockchain directly by both sender and receiver.


This is a popular messaging app proven highly profitable for the investors via its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Telegram has been serving long as an encrypted messaging platform, but now the company is extending its utility by providing crypto-friendly integrations within the app.

The company claims that the app offers end-to-end encryption in communication, and they have zero access to your data and messages your exchange.

The above are the top six Blockchain-based applications providing the facility of messaging for users. Blockchain technology is achieving new heights of popularity and is taking over the control in companies and businesses as the primary technology for modern-day business solution creation across industries.

Blockchain messaging apps are not limited to these only, and the technology is all set to come up with many more shortly. Blockchain technology continues to revolutionize the future of messaging app industry.

Decentralized messaging platforms are gaining pace. Being the major decentralized technology, Blockchain is expected to experience a boom in upcoming years with the new creations in the privacy prosperous messaging and communication industry.

The Blockchain-based messaging app industry is booming, and decentralized alternatives are rapidly becoming the only options to ensure the privacy of communications. Recent news and headlines of data theft and hacking have also contributed to the enhanced demand for this technology.

Many of the Blockchain companies are getting their hands over this trend. This gas increased the demand for Blockchain experts having experience in building Blockchain-based messaging apps providing encryption feature.

The future of Blockchain-based decentralized messaging apps is bright. If you are also a Blockchain professional, then you should learn to build such applications for opening up new prospects for a promising career.

Blockchain council and other Blockchain learning platforms offer numerous courses and certifications to gain proficiency in the technology. With Blockchain training certification in technology development, you can be a good prospect for the companies demanding certified professionals to expand their operations.

There are talks of many other projects in the pipeline, and companies are working hard on creating more secure and privacy-focused chat messaging applications.

A race is on, and this will introduce many Blockchain-based chat messengers with new features for security, privacy, and P2P currency.

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